Croatia entered the second round by winning the play-off with Scotland

Croatia entered the second round by winning the play-off with Scotland

AGI – Scotland miss placement with history, Croatia claim highest quality and move past Euro 2020 Group D by second thanks to one more goal than Czech Republic. In Glasgow, world runners-up They go 3-1 drawn by Modric and Perisic. What was an actual playoff.

In an unsettled match – both teams needed a win to stay in the tournament – the momentum picks up right from the start. In the first leg it is Scotland who begin to be pushed hard by the Hampden Park crowd, but the cold shower for Clark’s men comes at 17′: Perisic dominates O’Donnell and forms a bank for Vlasic. works in, which is in decline, Finds the only possible gap in the jungle of feet to defeat Marshall.

The Scottish goalkeeper keeps his team afloat in the inevitable moment of skidding with Modric flying on a blow from outside, then the hosts return to attack with pride and stubbornness. The worthy draw comes at the end of the first half: 42′ McGregor controls from the edge and slips into the corner for 1-1 that rekindles the excitement of the blue.

Upon returning from the locker room, however, the best of the blocks is Croatia: Martial still puts a patch on Guardiol, who proves to be not a centre-forward, snagging an excellent opportunity in front of goal, but Scottish goalkeeper 62′ Modric. should be surrendered to the pearl of

At the end of a long and rational manoeuvre, the Croatian inflates the net with a brilliant right winger from captain Kovacic’s first intention on touch. And Dalik’s team does not allow itself to recover this time, on the contrary it goes further: Modric further embellished his match from the corner in the 77th minute, on which Perisic guesses all and signs 3-1 with a header that the pole and ends at the bottom of the sack kisses. In fact, the early conclusion of the match, which leads to Argentine Rapalini’s triple whistle without any major setbacks: Croatia moves on, Scotland welcomes Euro 2020.

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