CVC is an investment fund with experience in the field of sports

CVC is an investment fund with experience in the field of sports

It is headquartered in Luxembourg and has offices in several countries, including Spain, CVC Capital Partners It is an investment fund with sporting experience, entering the world of football after entering rugby or football. formula 1.

On Wednesday, the Spanish league confirmed the principle of a deal with the financial giant – yet to be officially announced – to pump 2,700 million euros into the competition and its clubs, confirming that it will “do its game”. to maintain and settle the situation”. “Manage the marketing of audiovisual rights”.

A CVC source in London said the company “has no intention of making any statement or comment” on the transaction, at least for now.

The agreement announced in Madrid, which will create a new company in which CVC will hold 10% of the capital, is aimed, according to Spanish sources, to make a change. league and transforming its clubs into a “global digital entertainment company”, increasing competition and “fan experience”.

In addition to his financial capacity, Luxembourg brings to the project his knowledge in sports business development, with extensive experience in rugby, volleyball, tennis, MotoGP and Formula 1.

Without going further, on 11 March the CVC announced a “long-term strategic” agreement with the organizers of the Six Nations Rugby Championship, which would invest £365 million (about €428 million) for 1/7 of the stock, while 6 / 6 will remain in the hands of the game in Wales, Scotland, England, France, Ireland and Italy.

CVC states on its website that since its founding in 1981, it has become a world leader in private equity and credit, with $114.8 billion in assets under management, $162.7 billion in “committed” funds (for investors) and In 24 offices, 16 in the Americas and eight in Asia and the Pacific in Europe.

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Most of the CVC is owned by its employees and managed by executive shareholders. He adds that its ability to rely on its global resources in any given situation gives it a “competitive edge in seeking new investment opportunities” and creates value.

Webb explained that the company manages funds from 300 investors around the world who have “put their trust in CVC to increase and protect their capital.”


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