Delta is galloping in the United Kingdom and the economy is stalling

Delta is galloping in the United Kingdom and the economy is stalling
Empty supermarket shelves, uninsured services, delivery delays, the British economy paradoxically affected by the lifting of all restrictions, while the Delta version gallops while the anti-Covid application rings to isolate contact cases

A battered freedom. While the British have been celebrating a “return to normalcy” since 19 July, 1.7 million Britons are now forced into solitary confinement after being identified as a contact case by the NHS “Test and Trace” application, according to the French anticovid British copy. This is because of an increase in cases linked to the delta variant, which is progressing particularly in the north of England (330,000 cases were reported last week). Thus, according to NHS data, about 620,000 alerts were sent between 5 and 11 July, compared to 520,000 in the previous week. In the UK, a person identified as a contact case must be confined for ten days. And this, even if he was double vaccinated or his test came out negative for covid.

this situation becomes “chaotic” For many employers who have to work without part of their workforce, businesses have just returned to 100% capacity. “What’s up? It’s just chaos Angry James BLB, managing director of the Federation of Wholesale Distributors, described Thursday morning on conservative talk radio. Every day more and more workers stop by. It only progresses. And if this continues, our customers — school, hospital, restaurant or retirement home Will no longer be delivered as there will be no one left to assemble or pack the products ! Neither the truck driver to deliver them. “

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“Supermarkets Cry”

In supermarkets, some shelves are already empty. Images shared on social media showed cheese, meat, ice cream and even bottled water being snatched from Tesco stores in Manchester in the north of England and Sainsbury’s in Bristol in the south-west. Cambridge and Southampton to the south, as well as the Scottish capital Edinburgh, will also be affected by these supply problems. On Thursday the daily press was bombarded, some of which were devoted solely to the subject. “After Imprisonment, Closed”, free daily headlines I, while the newspaper Sun noting that “Supermarkets cry”.

Due to personnel shortages, frozen food chain Iceland has closed some of its businesses entirely. According to its director Richard Walker, a thousand employees, or 4% of its workforce, are confined to their homes. The chain has announced that it will have to call on another 2,000 employees to stay ahead. “We urgently need to rethink the rules for ‘test and trace’ applications, ideally moving towards a model where testing daily would avoid ten days of isolation”, Boss informed, confined himself to an idea rejected several times by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This will be a huge relief to all and will help strengthen the economy.”

Because the economy of the country is slowing down now. Some factories are forced to curb their production, hospitals suspend operations, some cities don’t provide garbage collection, response times will be long, Cleveland police have warned, and eventually The Royal Mail (British Post) announced a delay in delivery in the ten regions of England. This crisis of contact cases also affects the state’s highest peak: the prime minister, health minister, economy’s Sajid Javid, Rishi Sunak and opposition leader Keir Starmer, are currently in isolation. This morning, the government said through the Minister of Commerce, Quasi Quarteng “Very concerned” According to the situation and announced that a list of trades exempted from quarantine will be published during the day. He said that for others, there is a rule of isolation till at least 16 August.

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