Denmark broke a taboo on harm and loss

So far, no advanced economy has agreed to spend money under the heading “loss and damage” in favor of countries affected by the effects of the climate crisis. Dossier will be central to COP27 talks


Copenhagen puts 13 million euros in climate aid for loss and damage

( – “Tab and Skadar”, Three words that give Denmark a world climate record. Scandinavia is the first country in the world to allocate climate aid Under the heading “Loss and Loss”. breaking a taboo just one month after the start of COP27 in Egypt, Where this dossier will be one of the hottest on the negotiating table.

“I am very pleased that we have agreed to increase support for climate-related loss and damage”, he has declared development minister Fleming Moller Mortensen from New York, where he participated in a side event of the 77th United Nations General Assembly. “I was able to see for myself in Bangladesh this spring that the consequences of climate change need more attention. It is completely unfair that the world’s poorest people should suffer more from the consequences of climate change, including He has contributed to some extent.,

What are the disadvantages and disadvantages?

with the expression “loss and damage” loss and damage), international diplomacy points to a range of climate assistance from countries with the most advanced economies, and to the countries most responsible for the climate crisis, which are already suffering from the effects of climate change.

even though I am – even though they are Estimate – although in a very vague way – from the 2015 Paris AgreementSo far, no agreement has been reached on such assistance. It has been discussed for years at every climate summit and, regularly, rich countries oppose it. In COP26, for example, the only subtle step forward was to better define the perimeter within which the “engines” of this type of climate aid should operate, santiago network, To whom, how much and how is yet to be decided.

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No more taboos on climate aid

For this reason Denmark’s leap forward has its own relevance. Even if the amount of climate aid is really small: almost 100 million Danish crowns 13 million euros, Of these, 4 million will be allocated to The Danish Foreign Ministry’s strategic partnership with civil society dealing with climate-related harm and damage, with a special focus on the region Sahel,, reads a note from the ministry. 5 million will go to an NGO that deals with subsidized insurance in underdeveloped countries, 1 million to cooperate with civil society while the remaining has not yet been allocated.

Copenhagen isn’t actually the first to take such a step. For example, this is from last year. It was the beginning of November and Scotland, which was hosting COP26 in Glasgow at the time, announced that it would pay £1 billion in damages and damages. Even more symbolic figure. Bringing the topic back on the agenda during the climate conference was not enough.


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