Despite Brexit – Rhineland-Palatinate and Scotland want to continue collaborating – SWR2

Despite Brexit - Rhineland-Palatinate and Scotland want to continue collaborating - SWR2

Problems with visas, expensive health insurance, hardly any financial aid: Since Brexit, exchange between Scottish and German students has been difficult.

Scottish and Rhineland-Palatinate politicians are now working to ensure that cooperation, particularly with the University of Mainz, can be continued.

Mainz University has been collaborating with Scotland for 40 years

The English student teaches at Sigrid Revivers Mainz University and is an in-house Scotland representative there. This situation became necessary as the exchange between Scotland and the university became more and more intense in the last 40 years.

Mainz University has launched the so-called GET program. GET stands for German Educational Trainee and enables German students to travel to Scotland for a longer period to teach German.

Brexit puts obstacles on the way for students

Since Brexit, exchanges between Scotland and the university have become more difficult, with the Riverwarts saying: “There are certainly huge hurdles in the way of Scotland and our universities.”

He immediately stopped all programs for more than six months, and he immediately advised students against them because it was too difficult, too difficult financially.

Until a few years ago, German was the second foreign language that the Scots had learned. This is no longer the case – also because teacher training has become so complex.

Brexit: studying in England will be more difficult

Close ties between Scotland and the Rhineland-Palatinate should remain

It is very important for Scottish politics to have exchanges with Germany. This is why Scottish and Rhineland-Palatinate education politicians have now signed a Declaration of Intent to ensure cooperation in education, culture, science and research even after Brexit.

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Discussions are currently underway in Scotland about the goal of a second independence referendum to be able to return to the European Union. But even if the scheme fails, a deeper relationship between Scotland and the Rhineland-Palatinate will likely remain.


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