Development, Climate … Elizabeth II reflects Britain’s priorities

Development, Climate ... Elizabeth II reflects Britain's priorities

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson demonstrates his ambitions for the UK. Support economic reform, fight crime, work for the climate and “upgrade” the most deprived areas … Following the success of his Conservative Party in elections in England on Thursday, the leader has voiced his priorities by 95 years of voice Listed as-Sutra Sovereign, as the country begins to taste normality again for the vaccination campaign against Kovid-19.

Elizabeth II said at the opening of the new parliamentary session, “My government’s priority is to ensure national reform to make Britain stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before the epidemic.” Less pomp caused by coronaviruses. The 72-year-old Crown Prince Charles said, “To achieve this, my government will increase opportunities in jobs, businesses and economic development in the UK.”

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The queen, unmasked, had traded crowns for her coach for Range Rover and lavender hats. To comply with social distance requirements, only a few dozen masked MPs, compared to more than 600, were usually able to attend the speech – and only after a negative COVID test. It is the first engagement organized by the sovereign outside Windsor Castle after the funeral of Prince Philip, who died in April at the age of 99.

Boris Johnson is in a strong position to present his national policy agenda. The big winners in legislative elections in late 2019, the Conservatives continued to gain ground in local elections at the expense of Labor, giving them Hartlepul, a historic stronghold of Labor in the north-east of England.

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But at the same time the leader is facing the challenge of maintaining the unity of Britain, with a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament calling for a new self-determination referendum in Scotland, which he strongly opposes Huh.

On the economic front, priorities for the coming year include transportation infrastructure, investment in green industries as well as 5G networks and high-speed internet, promises made during legislative elections.

To stimulate areas after leaving the European Union, effective from 1 January, eight free ports will be built, areas to be considered for tax purposes outside the national border zone. The government intends to deepen its trade relations with countries in the Gulf, Africa and the Indo-Pacific region, which are growing rapidly. Once assured of recovery, it aims to put public finances, which were very tense, on a “permanent path” during the health crisis.

In matters of climate, a law will be set for the purposes of the United Kingdom, as it prepares to host the United Nations’ premier climate conference (COP26) in November. London is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 78% by 2035 from 1990 levels, and by 2050 is aiming for carbon neutrality.

The executive is planning to crack down on crime with an increase in prison sentences for the most serious offenses. A major promise of the Brexit referendum in 2016, it also intends to toughen its migration policy. Notable among their destinations are the channel crossings by migrants from France.

In March, the government sparked controversy when it presented its reform of the asylum system, aimed at discouraging illegal immigration to provide people with equal rights that were legally or illegally imposed by Britain. Depends on entering.

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Facing new threats, Boris Johnson intends to modernize the country’s military capabilities and “combat hostile activity of foreign countries”. Other priorities include the continuation of the immunization program, support for the Public Health Service (NHS), the fight against obesity, and the creation of a research and development agency. Gay conversion therapy will be banned.


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