Diocese Terni Narni Amelia, docufilm “Work and Hope” Presented

Diocese Terni Narni Amelia, docufilm

Diocese Terni Narni Amelia presented the documentary film “Work and Hope”

The project was born of St. John Paul II. took place to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the visit of Kay Terney

documentary”work and hope“, a complete project On the initiative of the Commission on Social Problems, Labor, Justice and Peace of the Diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia, starting with an idea of fabio narcisso, the director Matteo CecarelliProduced by the San Martino Voluntary Association and Innovator Project, and actor participation ricardo lionelli.

The initiative is part of diocesan programs promoted on the fortieth anniversary of St. John Paul II’s (1981–2021) visit to Terni and in the special year of St. Joseph.

“The memory of Pope Wojtyla’s visit to Terni – recalls the Piedmontese bishop – with his message of hope, still relevant today, to the world of work, may support the efforts of the Church, fellow citizens, men of good will. and promote the renewal and social and religious development of women. It is an exceptionally generous way to mobilize the ruling class and all the most important cultural, civil, political and social forces of the city and region in favor of the next generation in Terni and Umbria. should be pushed in the effort.

mons.piemonti, Bishop of Terni, Narni, Amelia

From the dignity of work to a new business model and eco-sustainable economy are the points around which the Diocesan Commission is expanding a common path for new development of the region.

“A reflection that stems from the indelible memory of the visit of Pope John Paul II and the initiative and insistence of Pope Francis on the circular economy, ecology – Ermanno Ventura. telling Director of the Diocesan Office for Social and Labor Problems – on new models of development and the dignity of work. The series of events, scheduled for October and November 2021, intends to support the invitation to the entire civil, institutional and religious community on Next Generation TNA, as a development project and an opportunity to rethink and reset the network of relationships’ The whole region combined with the dignity of work to make this area more suitable and attractive to the new generations, so that they can find the possibility of work, life and business in this wonderful area of ​​ours. “

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docfilm, visible on link on youtube https://youtu.be/v_596AmI95c The whole commemorates the extraordinary day of Pope John Paul II’s visit on March 19, 1981, when Terni became the working capital of the Christian world for a day., with archive images and spectacular current images of places visited by the Pope, all linked by a narration that recalls the values ​​of the work as interpreted by actor Riccardo Lionelli.

The docufilm is then enriched by the testimony of a hero of the day, the memory of then-mayor Giacomo Porazini and Bishop Monsignor Piemonti.. with them . testimony of massimiliano burelli CEO of Acciai Speciali Terni, Romano Benini Economic journalist and professor of labor policies, K. ricardo marcelli Trade Unionist CISL Terni.

The Pope’s speech in the steel mills and at the Libero Liberty Stadium in front of 35,000 devotees is very current and focuses on the world of man, Christianity and work. The documentary re-launches this message with force to simultaneously foster a new world of work in the post-pandemic era, starting with the founding values ​​exemplified by John Paul II .

In the final part, the documentary also launches an important message on the future prospects of the world of work, which also reflects the values ​​and vision of development that must accompany the development of the Terni community.. There is a strong call for common values ​​and actions that guide processes to promote the common good. The keywords of change pass through the promotion of work as a social value, not just an economic value, strengthening the skills and knowledge of workers, essential signs of their dignity and their independence. The economy is described as a forest that has strong roots in the region and invests in human and social capital as well as financial one, preserves the environment and promotes the sustainable development of all these values, Return to an economy where there are people and families.

« It is important – underlines docufilm producer and screenwriter Fabio Narciso – to keep pace with the changes of society and initiate action policies that center human beings and work and family, with a focus on the environment Huh. Initiating economic investment that has value in the field and at the same time enriches man and his work ».


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