Dog’s masterpiece, Sotil is back with Beto and Bijoli

Dog's masterpiece, Sotil is back with Beto and Bijoli

Verona , Udinese take their streak of consecutive Serie A wins to sixes Thanks for the 2-1 on the return to Bentegody, with Beto. fifth goal of the season bywho successfully took over in the second half, and Bjol’s blow ended in time: with these three points Sotille dropped Lazio and Milan from third place in the standings and 19 from the leading pair formed by Atalanta and Napoli. , increased to -1. , In former Cioffi’s Verona, however, the Scotsman Dog’s masterpiece is not enough: Yellow and Blue on 5, third last place, defeated by Juventus yesterday at -1 from Bologna.

Alternatives to Verona-Udinese, Sioffi and Sotillo

Cioffi – orphans of Ilic and Faraoni – hosts his former team in Bentegodi and links Verona 3-4-1-2: Montipa in goal, Hien, Gunter and Cecherini in defence, Lazovic, Tamez, Veloso and Doig in midfield and Verdi behind Piccoli and Henry, with Lasagna taking a seat on the bench. Sotil’s Udini Classic 3-5-2 . reacts with: Becao, Bijol and Perez to defend Silvestri (in Hellas from 2017 to 2021), Pereira and Udogi in full range, Wallace, Lavrik and Makengo Mez’Ali in the control room, and Deulofu and Succeed, giving Beto priority in the attack .

Verona-Udini 1-0 in the 45th minute: Doug’s masterpiece decided

A Udinese on the one hand are looking for a historic sixth straight win, a Hellas hungry for points on the other, back from two consecutive knockouts with 0 goals: a live match and all are content for the first minute of the game. They keep high hopes. Huh. First chance is a host Matrix with Deulofu pressing Montipa, messing up the postponement and plating Makengo from a favorable position that ends up high (2′). Becao is stopped in the extreme with some trouble (4′), Perez forces the opponent’s extreme defender into overtime (5′), Verdi thinks about shocking the hosts With a brilliant play in the middle of the field and a through ball to Tamez, on whose cross Silvestri stops Henry’s deviation (7′). There is no moment of relief and if one side is saving on Becca Piccoli (9′) and Henry is stopped at the moment of the shot (12′), Lovrich on the other hand is well primed by Dullofeu Slam against, outside the network (13′). Deulofeu starts his hand four turns later, with no luck, but in the Friulian team’s best moment, the hosts break the deadlock: it’s 23′ when. Doig’s goal masterpiece Kicking a ball thrown back with a left winger by the opposing defense, drawing an unassailable trajectory for Silvestri. Hit cold, Udinese did not give up and returned to attack with his head: on 29 ‘Deulofu looked for Becao, the ball then came between the legs of Pereira and Montipu, who used the former Juventus’ violent left arm. was opposed. After a feeble effort of half an hour by Verdi and Yellow treatment done by Veloso (31′), Bianconeri tries to dunk with a shot from Wallace, which gives a tap-in that is not exploited by Deulofeu, though not recognized by the first referee (33′). Two minutes later it’s still the Spaniard who fails a big chance – Effectively lengthening his restraint out of the way of the net – Sensational hitting from the lone shoulder in front of the Scala goalkeeper. If Udinese saves on an insidious cross removed before Henry’s arrival in the 36th minute, Wallace is one step away from the draw in the 38th minute, the second refuses him Montip . the super parade, The first half ends with the umpteenth opportunity that is not used much by the guests: on the development of a corner, the former Benevento goalkeeper pushes away with his fist and Wallace does not frame the mirror with a left-hander. Is.

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Beto-Bijol, Udinese return: 2-1 to Verona

It resumes with the same effect as the first sprint, with the sprint surprising Udini and Perez, who spends a yellow for a rough tackle on Tamez, while Sotil concedes his top scorer, Portuguese-Guinea Beto Betuncal. sends to heat. . success, dangerous A few minutes ago with a nice unmarked heel that was not exploited by his teammates and with an aerial effort implied by Cecherini. Same fate for Becao from the 57′ boundary, with a deflection that favors Montipa’s take. The changes, in any case, revive a Udinese clearly underpowered in terms of dynamics, pressure and intensity, but risk at game time in a duel on their own territory between Becao and Henri, won by Brazil. Thrill for Hellas in the 62nd minute, with Beto in possession, Unleash Deulofeu’s inspiration And the ball from Pereira does not receive a stone’s throw from the goal line, thanks only to a decisive deflection to a corner by Montipa. Cioffi, meanwhile, played the Kallon card in place of Piccoli, while Lovric tries in vain to mock the yellow-blue extreme defender with a right footed shot at the far post in the 63rd minute that goes down . Beto tries to take advantage of his great height to break down the order at 65′ (locked in a corner) and 66′ (Block Montipa) wall made by verona, Sotil also threw Arslan into the field instead of Lovrik to give his team even more quality, personality and experience, and the Turkish-German takes a few seconds to shine with a right foot from outside for a corner by Montippi (67′): Scaligero goalkeeper, on the other hand, looks at Samarczyk’s handsome left-footed man who doesn’t hit the mirror (68′). The goal is in the air and arrives on time in the 70th minute: Arslan defends a golden ball from the left hand, the ball to Udogi who lands on Samarzik and Filtering in the center for Deulofu, who gives – with first caress – 1-1 to Bomber Beto, Lazovic and Vardi end their game prematurely, and if Arslan is not whistled by the referee, Henry, exhausted, defends the ball in midfield and warns Becao. Hellas sees himself from 15′ end, with a long-range shot by Cullon distracted by Juventus Regard, so Henry also enters the sanctioned list for a rough interference on Wallace. Nesterovsky 10 from ’90’ for Deulofu, followed by a former lasagna for Henry and Doig on the other side of the field and Juric and Depoli warned for a decisive slip on Udogi, ‘copied’ by Pereira, stopping with the bad. was forced to. Tamez: In this fractured final, Verona, thanks to fresh forces, reappeared with greater continuity from Silvestri’s parts, though exposed itself to some counter-attack, which was not exploited by the Friulians. When the result appeared to be stalled at 1–1, Udinese scored a sixth consecutive victory in the return: it is 93′ when, Upon Samarzik’s remote-controlled punishment, Bjol – at the far post – flies into the sky and places the ball behind Montipa.,

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