Earth Day, Francis: The Healing Relationship with Creation | Saint francis

  Earth Day, Francis: The Healing Relationship with Creation |  Saint francis

The truth

Theme restore is our meaning

We have broken the bonds that unite us to the Creator, other human beings, and the rest of creation. We need to heal these damaged relationships, which are necessary to sustain ourselves and the entire fabric of life.“With this tweet, on the ‘@pontifex’ account, Pope Francis outlined man’s responsibilities in relations with nature on this World Earth Day, which has never before called on all countries to appeal, especially Those industrialized, for a common commitment. Stop the indiscriminate exploitation of our planet’s resources. On the occasion of this anniversary, a summit on climate is also taking place, today and tomorrow in virtual mode, on US initiative, 40 world leaders. As the US President, Joe Biden, expressed his intention to bring America back to the Paris Agreement on Climate Protection in 2015. Washington came out of it in 2018. This year in Glasgow A sort of preparation was made for the COP 26. Climate Change Conference held., Scotland, from 1 to 12 November.

A relationship respects creation more

Francesco has always hoped that it will be made An alliance between humans and the environment, Which is nothing more than a declaration of the concept of “Integral Ecology”, which is now called thanks to the encyclopedia Ladoto C everywhere. Whatever is happening, from epidemics to climate change, every aspect of life has relevance, social and economic, moral and political. And everything affects the lives of the poorest and most fragile, the Pope often affirms, appealing to a collective and solid commitment, a responsibility to foster, with a culture of care that human dignity and common good at the center keeps. From the standpoint of justice, equity, security, environment, today there are insufficient priorities for Francis.

What is the strategy

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, rational use of resources and other initiatives should be put into practice Stop the persistent poison of the earth. The Holy See himself, he assured Pope Francesco, Is committed to ensuring that the state of Vatican City reduces net emissions before 2050, intensifying environmental management efforts, already underway for a few years, which will provide water and energy, energy efficiency, sustainable Makes it possible to make rational use of natural resources such as mobility. , Also circular economy in redistribution and waste management.

A necessary change of course

It’s about to start A complex of verbs that refer to integral ecologyA value for which Francis calls for an education in national and international policies to take care of common goods and to share appropriate advanced technologies to promote sustainable production even in low-income countries. Political and technological measures must therefore be combined to form an educational process that favors a cultural model of development and stability centered on the nexus between the fraternity and the human and the environment. The times have changed, the Pope asks. Let us not hope for a better future from the new generations. (Vatican News)

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