Earth Overshoot Day marks the launch of “100 Days of Chance”.

Earth Overshoot Day marks the launch of

launched in earth overshoot day By global footprint network and the Scottish EPA, the ‘100 Days of Chance’ initiative highlights what actions every country, city or business needs to take for the consequences of ecological debt.

This July 29, more than five months from the end of the year, humanity has exhausted the planetary budget of biological resources for 2021. The “day of overshoot” returned to 2019 levels, having been associated with a brief lull in 2020. Health crisis, warns US NGO.

Nayak says that the 100 Days Initiative presents a massively proven and replicable solution that helps restore the balance between humanity’s ecological footprint and biological resources, which can sustainably sustain the planet’s natural ecosystems. can revive.

As recent extreme weather events raise concerns and the world takes a long time to respond to the ecological debt, government officials from UN member states will meet in Glasgow in 100 days for COP26, which will be called the Global Climate Action Initiative. The summit is supposed to be the last chance for.

« No matter what happens in COP, one gains nothing by waiting to take action,” said Laurel Hanscom, CEO global footprint network. « The pandemic has demonstrated that society can change rapidly in the event of a disaster. But being caught off guard has come with an undeniable economic and human cost. Faced with a near future marked by climate change and limited resources, individuals, institutions and governments that prepare themselves will do better. Global consensus to recognize one’s vulnerability to risk is not a prerequisite, so that everyone can take decisive action without delay she added.

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Although widely declared, “green” incentives are slow to come and the status quo remains, driven by short-term political and financial goals. This situation inevitably leads to an intolerable economic risk, as it would result in the stabilization of all assets incompatible with climate change and increased competition for access to natural resources.

settle ecological debt
In order to ensure sustainable prosperity and well-being for all, ingenuity will be needed to solve humanity’s most pressing problem: the ecological debt.

Fortunately, many solutions already exist today to reverse this trend and promote organic regeneration.

Opportunities come from all sectors of the economy: commercially available technologies or services, development strategies of local governments, national public policies or virtues supported by civil society and academics initiatives.

« Taking Prosperity for All within the ecological tools of our planet as a compass has changed the way our regulatory agency works and supports Scottish businesses. Beyond law enforcement, we help them visualize what their success will be in a low-carbon, dematerialized economy and make strategic decisions accordingly. “, concluded Terry A’Hearn, CEO of the Scottish EPA.


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