Economic discussions between rich and poor countries come to a standstill

Economic discussions between rich and poor countries come to a standstill

Glasgow (Scotland), report

Rather impossible scene. whereas COP26 Pinned for a lack of openness to civil society, here we are, Monday, November 8, a demonstration of climate activists inside official buildings. Under the watchful eye of three police officers, a dozen activists of the ACT Alliance, a global coalition of 145 churches fighting to improve conditions in southern countries, shout in English: , Finance loss and damage now , ,

what is it about , To help the most vulnerable countries fight against climate change, rich countries pledged to hand over portfolios twelve years ago relying on two strategies. the first one, , attenuation ,The simplest solution is: reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Second, , Customization ,, include construction societies that are more resilient to the face of environmental crises (for example by building dykes against floods or by choosing crops that are more resistant to drought).

in this context, , loss and damage , There are events that can no longer be mitigated or for which it is too late for any form of adaptation. In practice, it refers to damage caused by sudden events, such as cyclones, as well as slowly evolving processes, such as sea level rise. According to the Loss and Damage Association, the economic cost of such damages, which particularly affect small island countries, is estimated between 290 and 580 billion dollars per year till 2030. Hence an astronomical amount, not including non-quantitative losses such as the disappearance of biodiversity, cultural traditions and monuments or a fairly simple human life.

, Scotland’s Political Poker Trick ,

So far, developed countries, which have historically been responsible for climate change, have refused to create a specific source of funding for this damage. two official texts, warsaw international system, signed in 2013 COP19, after santiago networkapproved in COP25 In 2019, quick aid should have been given to the most vulnerable countries. The problem is, wealthy countries have so far contented themselves to pool their risk management practices and deepen their knowledge about these extreme climate events. , It is very ideological, there was no formal agreement and no resources were allocated. This remains a red line for many developed countries. ,Judge Lola Vallejo, director of the climate program at the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (Idri).

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Between these two climate summits, COP21 The situation did not improve in any way. NS’Article 8 of the Paris Agreement, which mentions loss and damage, was prepared in such a way that rich countries would not be held responsible. United States, which nevertheless 15. represents % of global carbon emissions, thus specifically working on the drafting of a non-binding article. reason , , They live in a very judgmental society, so they are too afraid to expose themselves to trial. ,Explain to Lola Vallejo.

When COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. © Pierre Larrieu / Reporterre

Thus, the years have passed and the island countries have not seen the shadow of the announcement about their losses and losses. Monday 1. tillIs November. second day of COPIn , Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon broke a taboo by announcing that she would raise £1 million (1.3 million euros) to finance the loss and damage to the countries of the South. , It may sound like a drop in the sea, but it is a political poker game from Scotland. He showed that even a nation that is not a state can decide on the matter. ,, observes Fanny Petitbone of Organization Care. But still a long way to go. related to this day , loss and damage ,, John Kerry, United States Special Climate Envoy, Sent a tweet Appreciating US funding in the context of , Customization ,,

As far as the EU is concerned, a diplomatic source points out that it does not even want to create a specific budget. , Rich countries defend themselves by saying that they already have funding that covers loss and damage through humanitarian aid ,, underlines Armel Le Comte from Oxfam. According to ongHowever, the European bloc would be cracking down on this issue in a good sense. Denmark is particularly inclined to finance losses and losses. France can be reassured.

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, It will be very sad for us if no decision is taken ,

till COP26, the debate escalates. , Originally, it was a minor item on the agenda, which should be dealt with only from a technical point of view. Thanks to the massive mobilization of countries and civil society in the South, it has become a highly political topic. ,, says Fanny Petitbone of the organization Care. However, weighing island countries in balance can be difficult. And for good reason: most are absent because of problems related to COVID-19 or the cost of accommodation in Glasgow. , I find it unfortunate that these actors don’t have a presence anymore COP, this is COP very cold ,, judged Paris Agreement negotiator Lawrence Tubiana.

Troubled by the lack of action, some island countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, a state in the West Indies, and Tuvalu, a Polynesian microstate, have decided to push a gear, announcing the creation of a commission of small island countries. aim , Explore possible legal avenues to force developed states to pay. Even if their request is unsuccessful, , Having countries disappearing before international courts is an extremely strong symbol. It pushes developed countries to their limits ,, Analysis Armel Le Comte. Without arriving at this position, the most vulnerable countries still hope that the issue of loss and damage will be covered. , judgment cap , From COP, Final Political Text. In a press conference, the Dominican Republic’s Deputy Minister of the Environment, Milagros de Camp, warned: , If no decision is taken regarding loss and damage, it will be very sad for us. It should be discussed soon after COP, , His country is threatened by an increasingly violent storm every year.


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