El Loon Musk’s Ha-Puss reaches 9 9 billion with third payment

El Loon Musk's Ha-Puss reaches 9 9 billion with third payment

(Bloomberg) – Tesla Inc. this week. The no-stock shock was not enough to stem Elon Musk’s improbable payments, which now amount to .8 ag.8 billion.

On Friday, Musk cleared the final threshold for the third round of its Moonshot Awards, given Tesla’s financial and market value. The award comes amid the worst week for automaker shares since July. Maker Tomaker’s share price ended a three-day route on Friday afternoon with a rally that sent the company’s market capitalization down nearly ડો 90 billion from its highest level on Monday.

That means another 4.44 million stock options will be at its disposal, adding to the 1.9.9 million unlocked in May and July, adjusting to the company’s most recent – Four-1 stock split. Collectively, if they use it and sell shares immediately, they will be blown away by the wind of millionaire dollars.

After calculating the cost of using the options, about Rs. The latest billion-dollar deal, more specifically than the $ 15-million-a-year packages offered to S&P, is more reminiscent of the loans raised by hedge fund managers over years of rare blows. 500 Chief Executive Officer.

But Tesla has always made its way with Musk’s return, promising a massive payoff to the CEO if certain goals are achieved. And investors have gone along, too. Some have argued that if the company meets those targets, Kasturi’s return won’t matter because shareholders will also take a fabulous return.

In contrast, Tesla’s average employee received pay 58,455 pay and benefits last year. The company said in a regulatory filing that an equity award is available to all its employees.

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Shares in California-based company Fremont have more than quadrupled this year. Its market value is just over $ 80 billion, which is much higher even though it produces far fewer vehicles than its global competitors. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, this increase – and stock options – has helped Musk’s net worth rise to 6 68.66 billion, making him the fourth richest person on the planet.

Tesla’s latest revolution unlocked after both the 6-month and 30-day average market value exceeded 200 200 billion. Another operational goal – to raise a combined 3 3 billion in earnings before interest, taxes, devaluation and or redemption, topping to 3 billion in four quarters – was achieved by June 30, a filing show.

(Updates option value and change in company market value for closing price)

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