Elections in Rome, the race for councillors. Gualtieri holds meeting with potential candidates – Corriere.it

  Elections in Rome, the race for councillors.  Gualtieri holds meeting with potential candidates - Corriere.it

New Mayor Roberto Gualtieri will take office today at 11 a.m. and will meet with outgoing Virginia Raggi at Giulio Cesare Hall for the handover. These days, while meetings with citizens continue in the regions (Yesterday the former Minister of Economy was in the park via Francesco d’Isa in the XV Municipality, where the centre-left candidate Daniele Torquatti won), The first interviews are being conducted telephone and face-to-face to check availability and to evaluate the best profile to form the council. It is likely that the team’s definition will be reached in a week, at the latest about ten days: Gualtieri, fussy and accustomed to deepening issues, wants to have a complete picture and doesn’t want to leave out any details to avoid shuffling. and race replacements as happened in a five-star-led administration. The careful examination, personally managed by Gualtieri, although some may struggle with the deadlines that await him soon: Presentation of single programming document and budget by December. The path of Alessandra Sartor, the Under-Secretary for the Economy, for managing the Capitoline accounts, seems arduous, while the vision of Sylvia Scozez, former commissioner for the capital’s historical debt and former councilor for the budget in Ignazio Marino’s council, would be strong. The iron gypsy Albino Ruberti, who currently holds a similar position in the region, will be confirmed as the head of the cabinet.

to Marco Simoni, President of the Humane Technopol in Milan and Professor of Political Economy at Louis who contributed to elaborate Gualtieri’s vision for the Rome of the future, can be assigned to the implementation of the program. The name of regional councilor Dame Eugenio Patan is transmitted to Transport, proving how Zingaretti’s team will make a significant contribution to the formation of the Capitoline team of the future. Sabrina Alfonsi, the highest voter on the Democratic Party’s list who contends with her ally Maurizio Veloccia for the primacy of the priorities, has solid credentials to get a Green department or, secondly, school. For the role of deputy mayor, when the composition of the council has already been decided, the final box to be filled in, deem share, envisioned by RAI director Francesca Bria, continues to boom. NSPD councilor Giulio Bugarini, who oversaw Gualtieri’s agenda during the election campaign, could be his personal secretary.. Several prominent posts are still dancing, including culture: Giovanna Melandri, the president of the Maxxi Foundation, denied this, but it is likely that the discussion had not yet begun and was unaware that she was eligible. was among the candidates. Alternatively, Pino Battaglia, personal secretary to the minister Dario Franceschini, could have come from the Roman College.

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21 October 2021 | 07:41

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