Elon Musk employees fear his mood if Tesla or SpaceX fails: report

Elon Musk employees fear his mood if Tesla or SpaceX fails: report
  • Elon Musk oversees two companies – Tesla and SpaceX – and employees of both companies keep a close tab on his mood. According to Nick Bilton of Vanity Fair.
  • Tesla employees will see the beginnings of SpaceX and live in fear of Musk’s bad mood if it fails. If the launch is successful, the employee will submit budget requests while Kasturi is happy, Vanity Fair reports.
  • Employees also keep close tabs on Musk’s Twitter account, checking every morning to see if he makes any controversial tweets overnight.
  • Known for being musk Clear and sometimes irregular, both online and offline. In April, he went on a tirade filled with explosives about coronavirus downtown during Tesla’s first quarter earnings.
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Between Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk oversees thousands of employees – and those employees live in fear of his changing mood.

That is according to Nick Bilton’s new part of Vanity FairIs, who dives into Musk’s successful year and The controversies that have come to the fore. Bilton said he spoke with Musk’s current employees who were nervous about his Twitter habit and looked closely at Musk’s mood to get more favorable results at work.

Kasturi runs two companies simultaneously, and Tesla employees told Vanity Fair that they paid attention to what was going on in SpaceX, and vice versa, as it would later affect how Kasturi treats them.

“On [SpaceX] “To see if everyone at Tesla has succeeded in launching, not only are you equipped with rockets, but it directly affects Elon’s mood for the next few days,” a Tesla executive told Vanity Fair. “The launch failed, the payoff would be hell; you didn’t want to set up a phone call with Elon later.”

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If the SpaceX launch had gone well, however, Tesla employees would have used the opportunity to flood Musk with budget requests, according to Vanity Fair.

Employees also told Vanity Fair that they check Musk’s Twitter account every morning to see if what he tweets overnight could lead to a lawsuit, affecting Tesla’s share price or damaging Musk’s public image.

“We all wake up and look at it every day and think, ‘Oh my God, now what? You didn’t really know what you knew,'” Vanity Fair said.

A Tesla spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

Musk is known for being clear-voiced and occasionally erratic on social media, a habit that has thrown it into hot water many times in the past. In 2020, Kasturi has used the platform Push their theories about the coronavirus crisisIncludes their resentment about the cadaver and misinformation about how the virus affects children.

And offline flying, Kasturi has allowed his temper to flare up on more than one occasion, perhaps in the month of April, when He scolded about the asylum-in-place order During the conference call following Tesla’s first quarter earnings.

“To be honest, I am forcibly imprisoning him at his home, in my opinion, against the constitutional rights of all,” he said. “It violates people’s liberties in ways that are horrible and wrong and that’s why they came to America or created this country. What f —. Sorry. Outrage. Outrage.”

Read the full Vanity Fair story for more about Musk’s wild year

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