Elon Musk warns that Tesla’s ‘Battery Day’ tech is two years away

Elon Musk warns that Tesla's 'Battery Day' tech is two years away

The launch of Tesla’s “Battery Day” is almost here, scheduled for tomorrow after being rescheduled for April due to the Ronavirus epidemic. But hours to go until the company just reveals something – the Expect That is, he has developed at least one new type of battery cell that could help him stay ahead of the growing EV competition – Elon Musk has some News.

According to Musk, “what we are announcing will not reach serious high-volume production until 2022,” and will have an impact on half, cybertruck and roadster. He also said that the company plans to increase battery cell purchases from partners such as Panasonic and LG, but indicated that the company will take steps to avoid shortages in the future, which are likely to come only in cell manufacturing. We will find out what that means when the presentation takes place tomorrow Annual meeting of stockholders and Bat Bat day event Scheduled to start at 4:30 ET / 1:30 PM PT.

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