England no longer self-isolates for double-vaccinated people exposed to a positive

England no longer self-isolates for double-vaccinated people exposed to a positive

A new step towards normalizing life in England in relation to the coronavirus pandemic: the government has announced that Vaccinated people exposed to virus positive will no longer have to respect self-isolation.

A decision that stems from the rapid progress of the vaccination campaign, which has reached 88 million vaccinated vaccines, divided into 47 million 333 thousand for the first dose and 40 million and 700 thousand for the second, accounting for 89.5% respectively. and 77% of adults are involved. population.

The trend of infection, however, has always caused little fear in the population, but even in this case, as was widely speculated by Downing Strait’s scientific advisers, a “normalization” would have been reached, which was confirmed by the number of people. will be a constant number. who test positive. Which travels an average of 30 thousand cases a day, with victims always limited to around ten (26 in the last 24 hours. Were) and the pressure on the national health system due to hospitals being under control (882 who were admitted on the last day)

It’s now been a month since Boris Johnson’s government lifted almost all the latest restrictions in mid-July, such as the use of face masks, physical distancing or meters in cinemas. The latest decision communicated specifically will allow the British economic sector to recover more quickly Given that thousands of people have been forced to self-isolate over the past few weeks due to infection or contact with positive people, activity in key sectors such as transportation, hospitality and supplies at supermarkets and petrol stations has slowed significantly Is.

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So from this week in England, people with double vaccinations as well as minors will no longer have to stay at home, but will only be advised to wear masks and get tested. A similar measure will apply in Northern Ireland, while Scotland and Wales have recently eased isolation rules.


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