Etrogubi: FIR as well as Kovid-19 sponsor during emergency

Etrogubi: FIR as well as Kovid-19 sponsor during emergency

Despite the problems related to Kovid-19, Federugby Italiana In this new season, it presents an “intensive calendar of commitments” with the support of 24 partner companies (five of which are in the medical, social and training sectors).Six nations 2021“.

For two years, Catolica Acicurzioni has been playing the lead jersey sponsor of the FIR. From July 2018, the insurance company replaced Cariparma Bank (after a 12-year business partnership), which in 2016 became Credite Agricole Cariparma.

Six Nations Currently, CVC Capital Partners’ definitive entry is pending in Coffer, Fedrugby, more than 20 million euros. In summary, this is the sum of three main areas: TV rights, sponsorship, and commercial activities during competitions (the share related to the sale of official sales is more marginal). A very positive result, after more than 20 years, from the entry into the continental tournament for national teams, even though the game results are not yet in line with expectations.

of these About 13 million in revenue from audio-visual rights Managed by tournament board. In particular, the company that manages the most important rugby event in the Northern Hemisphere Equal distribution, 75% of income towards six selections (England, France, Italy, Wales, Scotland and Ireland).

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