Euro 2020. Scottish logger McGinn against obsolete Croatian Modric – Euro 2020

 Euro 2020.  Scottish logger McGinn against obsolete Croatian Modric - Euro 2020

In the wake of “Tartan Army”, the Aston Villa (26) midfielder has so far spoken more through Scottish songs than goals: the team has not scored after two games. However, Scotland may dream of crossing the first round of a major tournament for the first time in their history: a win against Croatia would be enough to seal their qualification. Either as one of the four best thirds or as second straight in Group D if England are simultaneously beaten by the Czech Republic and their goal difference is less than McGuin’s bar.

That is why the heroic draw against England’s neighbors Friday (0-0) was experienced as a success or almost. “It’s not a win, but it’s certainly a performance we can be proud of,” said McGinn (10 goals in 35 caps) this weekend. There were only 2,500 supporters but we backed him far beyond felt more.”

acrobatic return

In addition to the Flower of Scotland and disco hit “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”, which became an unofficial Scottish anthem at this Euro, fans shouted with a song dedicated to his number 7: “We have McGuin, Super John McGinn. , I don’t think you understand.”

The Glasgow native, whose grandfather Jack McGuin was president of the Scottish Federation, was the team’s top scorer in the Euro qualifying campaign with seven goals, not insignificant to the midfielder.

And he is currently the best director of selection in 2021 with three goals, including a beautiful goal against Austria in March. An acrobatic kickback in the 85th minute that allowed his team to draw in this qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup. “It shows how far we have come”, applauded the point guard passed by St Mirren and Hibernian. “We have quality players and we just need to believe in it. Against the Croats on Tuesday, under criticism in the country for their ineffectiveness, they will have every reason to believe.

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“Headless Chicken”

Of course, McGinn doesn’t display the same spontaneity as Luka Modric. “If you ask everyone who has seen me from a young age, they would best describe me as a ‘rudimentary’ if not as a ‘headless chicken’,” he admits in an interview with FourForTwo magazine. Huh. For his part, Luka Modric has this fine technique and these chiseled openings for him, which helped him win the Champions League in 2018 and reach the World Cup, the first Ballon d in 10 years to break Messi-Ronaldo’s monopoly. ‘And made. final that year.

But “Lukita” is struggling like an emerging Croatian team at this Euro.

“We are far from the way we used to play,” Modric admitted on Friday after a 1-1 draw with the Czech Republic. Without the energy in midfield of Ivan Rakitic and the cutting edge of attacking Mario Mandzukic, who have both retired at international level, Croatia looked sluggish in their first two meetings.

“For now, we are not the Croatia we all want,” Modric was forced to note, with 61 games on the clock this season between Real Madrid and Selection.

Scotland has neither the luster nor the name of Croatia, but it will be pushed into Hampden Park by 12,000 loyalists of the “Tartan Army” lined up behind “McGinn, Super John McGuin”. Enough to thwart the vice-world champion?

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