Euro 2020, the show must continue (Nonostante covid)

Euro 2020, the show must continue (Nonostante covid)

UEFA’s position is of paramount importance: Euro 2020 will continue to be played where expected. It doesn’t matter that the risk of COVID, with its delta version, is objectively higher. Read, London. “All remaining matches of Euro 2020 will take place as per schedule. Mitigation measures adopted in each tournament venue are fully aligned with the regulations laid down by the competent local health authorities. Final decisions on the number of spectators attending matches and entry requirements into host countries and stadiums fall under the responsibility of the competent local authorities, and UEFA strictly adheres to all these measures.

Words that want to have a point after the controversies and discussions of these days. Too Italian Prime Minister Mario Draggio Said against the final in London: “It should not be played where there is a peak of infection”. A common sense assessment that has clearly not received adequate support. In this case, it is politics that must be adapted to the priorities expressed by the football government: it has decided not to be influenced by European fears of reincarnation, valid because it is backed by numbers, this phenomenon can prove. To become a brilliant boomerang in the evolution of football. Epidemic.

The risk is real. Already the prevalence of fans for Europe is a cause for concern and the number of infections suggests the build-up to the outbreak is inevitable. After Finland and Denmark, Scotland has also reported that the nearly 2,000 cases recorded in recent days can be linked to events related to Euro 2020: 1254 people, or two-thirds of the infections, taking part in England-Scotland Went to London on 18th June.

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Now, English fans are expected to arrive in Rome for the quarter-finals on 3 July, despite the fact that the Interior Ministry has invited supporters not to come to Italy and the British government itself has advised them to stay. is home.. In theory, there would be a five-day quarantine to observe. In practice, the risk is that rules and controls are circumvented.

The situation seems to have gotten out of hand. Despite the concern expressed by the scientific world as well. The position taken by virologist Roberto Burioni is difficult.

At a stage in which social life and the economy, closely related to each other, are simply broken, there is a risk of failure of the efforts made due to the inability to make decisions in line with the development of the situation. ‘Show must go on’ is the mantra that comes from the top of European football. And governments want to adapt. Hopefully, as it did last summer, we won’t count the damage done by the excitement of a restart.


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