Euro 2021: Czech Republic Patrick Schick beat Scots! (0-2)

  Euro 2021: Czech Republic Patrick Schick beat Scots!  (0-2)


  • Scotland entered the competition by welcoming the Czech Republic to Glasgow this afternoon.
  • Just before half-time, Czech striker Patrick Schick opened the scoring with a fine cross header at a fully adjusted cross. Back from the locker room, Patrick Schick scored twice thanks to brilliant midfield lob.
  • Due to goal difference, the Czech Republic takes the lead in Group D, ahead of England who beat Croatia on Sunday afternoon (1–0).

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90 + 5. Czech Republic won and lead Group D! Thanks to a brilliant brace from striker Patrick Schick, the visitors spoiled Scotland’s return to international competition, 23 years after their last appearance. The Scots were not ineligible and fought till the end to catch all the good shots like Andrew Robertson. In the standings, the Czechs are first ahead of England who beat Croatia on Sunday afternoon (1-0). The Scots are the last of this hen D.

90+4′. Andrew Robertson addresses a dangerous new center and Scotland get one last corner.

90. Martial Parade! Michael Kremencik benefited from a vicious header behind the Scottish defence, but goalkeeper David Marshall dismissed his recovery from close range.

87′. Scorer of the day Patrick Schick leaves and gives way to Michael Kramensik.

84 E. Forest No.! Entering the game, the young Scottish winger makes a short slalom in the Czech field and finds himself in a perfect position. His strike is unfortunately countered by an opposing player.

81. Not far from triple! After a repelled Scottish counter-attack just past the middle line, the Czechs organized a reaction from the left. Patrick Schick is perfectly positioned to regain center but Marshall has good hopes and the ball is in its way.

77′. Scotland gets another away, off-centre free-kick. The center gives nothing on the first duel but gives McTominay the advantage in the end. Close to the Czech goal, young Mancunian plays with his body to his opponent and arms a volley that goes too high.

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76′. Despite his comfortable lead, the Czech tried to score a third goal from the left like this dangerous centre, which was narrowly blocked by Martial.

73′. Dykes fouls that elbows Tomas Kalas in an aerial duel. The doctor enters the field.

70′. The Scots have begun to show a blow against the strong Czechs in defence.

New Big Opportunity for 67 E. Dyke! The Scottish striker is getting a long cross from the right. He gets his leg back but Wacklick makes a classy save to reverse the shot.

64′. Robertson continues to multiply his left side overflows and gets valuable corners.

61. Armstrong’s strike skins the bar! The Scottish midfielder is not attacked and makes a shot from the right that is deflected by a Czech player and fails just above the crossbar.

58′. Scots are brave and determined to catch up.

53. Double for Patrick Schick! Leading quickly against, the Bayer Leverkusen striker fixed the ball in midfield. Barely crossing the middle line, he attempted to cover about 50 meters with his left foot and took advantage of the Scottish goalkeeper’s lack of alertness who was too advanced.

48. Hendry hits the bar! Wacklick deflects a Robertson Cross in Scottish legs. Jack Hendry inherits the ball in the axis and rolls a shot from the right that hits the crossbar of the check cages. Always 1-0 for visitors!

46. here we go again !

45 + 2. It’s half the time! While Scotland were at a high point for several minutes, the Czech Republic opened the scoring just before returning to the locker room. On a perfectly adjusted cross from Vladimir Kaufal, Patrick Schick puts up a fine cross header to deceive David Marshall. A few minutes earlier, Scottish captain Andrew Robertson came close to giving his team the advantage with a powerful left strike.

45 + 1 . McTominay pulls away to equalize! The young Manchester United midfielder broke through the Scottish penalty area, but was stopped by a Czech player. The Scotsman claims the penalty but the referee does not panic.

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42. Patrick Schick opens the score! After an unsuccessful corner, Kaufal drifts to the right and addresses a millimeter center in Scottish territory. The young Bayer Leverkusen striker jumps higher than the defenders and crosses his head which deceives Marshall.

40′. The Czechs get several consecutive corners in the last Scottish meter but their crosses pay nothing.

37′. The Czechs are struggling to develop their game in the last minutes of the first meeting.

33′. On the corner taken by Robertson, McGinn’s volley is counted from the hand sticking to the body of the check.

32. Robertson close to opening score! Lonely at the left side cone, the Scottish skipper inherits a ball but his powerful left strike is deflected for a corner by the tap of Vaclick.

30′. The Czechs are dangerous again, when a cross from Jenko that finds the heads of several teammates is more dominant in the air against the passive Scots.

28′. The Czechs step on the ball and pass it to their goalkeeper, who whistles a portion of the Scottish public.

24′. Faced with a density of Czech midfielders, defender Cooper tries a cross to find Dykes in depth, without success.

21′. On the right, Ryan Christie enjoys a subtle short pull that allows him to reach the edge of the Czech surface but the Scottish striker is hindered by one of his teammates.

19. Scottish Answer! Forward Lyndon Dykes got a cross from the left wing but his recovery was hampered by a return from the Czech defender.

16′. Marshall Releases Acquisition of Schick! The Czechs are beginning to print their rhythm in this meeting, this time on the left. Janko clears his way and goes back for Schick who takes it from the left but his shot is deflected for a corner by the Scottish goalkeeper, who is alert on his line.

13′. Check receives a free kick near the sideline on the right. The center is well rolled but a bit too far to find someone at the far post.

12′. The Czech Republic tries to turn to their right to cross and find Patrick Schick’s header in Scottish territory.

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8′. The Czechs try to set up strikes with play with a single touch of the ball.

6. First short warm-up in the Czech defense! McGinn corrected his sight for the ball that had returned badly to his head and quickly struck from an off-center position but close to the goal. His shot from the right was barely countered for a corner.

4′. After a few Scottish incursion attempts, the Czechs established their own defensive system.

1′. The Scots wasted no time and quickly threw themselves on the opposing side of the field.

At 3 p.m. the hosts make this Scotland-Czech Republic debut!

14h57. The skies over Glasgow are cloudy and the temperature barely exceeds 15 degrees.

14h54. Scottish players enter their lawn, followed by the check.

14h49. On Sunday afternoon, England took the lead in Pool D by winning with a short header against the Croatian vice-world champions at Wembley (1-0).

14h46. The stand at Hampden Park in Glasgow holds 12,000 spectators due to 25% gauge.

2:43 PM Scotland’s return to the international stage. The match has a special flavor for Scots absent from international competitions since the 1998 World Cup.

2:40 p.m. The Czech Republic opts for a more classic pattern. From the Czech side, coach Jaroslav Silhavi organizes his team with a very dense atmosphere. At the center of this 4-5-1, Tomas Sousek, a real revelation of the season with his Premier League club West Ham, will be particularly scrutinized. In the attack, the check will be counted on Bayer Leverkusen’s young striker Patrick Schick.

2:35 p.m. Scotland in 3-5-2 with Captain Andrew Robertson on the Pistons on the left. The hosts will play in an aggressive system with two Pistons including Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson. To his left, the Scottish captain will notably be accompanied by Mancunian midfielder Scott McTominay.

14 hours 30. Hello and welcome everyone to follow the match between Scotland and Czech Republic, Euro 2021 Group D Poster. The meeting will take place at Hampden Park in Glasgow.


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