EuroChocolate Indoor, Survey Results, Satisfied Chocolates

EuroChocolate Indoor, Survey Results, Satisfied Chocolates

EuroChocolate Indoor, Survey Results, Satisfied Chocolates

Indoor Eurochocolate 2022 – a few days after the end of a lucrative program internal version At the Umbriafiere Center in Bastia Umbra (Perugia), Eurochocolate communicates the results of vote During the incident in which Ben. included a sample of 2,400 visitors Interviewed on exit.

one emerges high satisfaction With the event, over . with 97% Among the participants ready to advise a friend not to miss the next edition of Eurochocolate. Chocolate Satisfies, So, But Also loyal with an excellent 90% Joe now announces his interest in returning for the next editions.

event potential Strong Its listeners also testify 51% The number of interviewees who declared that they had already participated in at least one of the previous editions of Eurochocolate.

,For those who have already done Eurochocolate – The President declares eugenio garducci , We also asked to indicate the preference between indoor and outdoor format. The 68% response in favor of the new formula encourages us to continue on this path, not only with the awareness of improving our proposal more and more, but with the first version already happily tested last spring. It also encourages you to integrate with the Gone One. Of Eurochocolate Spring, again in Perugia from 24 March to 2 April 2023 at the Giardini del Frontone. The nostalgia of the historical center of Perugia will thus have the opportunity to be fully enjoyed in Paso d’Uvo, with great curiosity and a different formula than the one played in the past,

Returning to the survey, related data extra regional origin ,17.5% from northern Italy, 56.4% from the center and 26.1% from the south) with the prevalence of presence from Lazio ,22.3%,marche ,12.2%), Campania ,12%) and holding a key from Tuscany, Apulia, Abruzzo, Lombardy, Veneto, Calabria And basilicata, Umbrians represent attendees at the event 10% Of the greedy population of Eurochocolate.

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“Another study of the survey – Garducci adds – Related to Eurochocolate’s impact in terms of tourist accommodation: a good third of interviewees declared that they had stayed at least one night at an accommodation facility in a neighboring area. If this data is transferred to the total attendance at the event, it becomes easy to understand once again the extraordinary result that Eurochocolate has been able to activate for the benefit of the local economy”.

between international presence ,5% Out of the total number of interviewees), the prevalence of Spain, Japani And Mexico, with the latter figure apparently also inspired by Mexico’s participation as Eurochocolate’s guest country. But there was no shortage of guests from all 5 continents who had a presence United States, Australia, Scotland, Portugal, Venezuela, France, Great Britain, Canary Islands, Brazil, Iran, Israel, Romania, Belgium, Ecuador


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