Extraordinary Calabria, hero territory at the end –

Extraordinary Calabria, hero territory at the end -

We can only be pleased to note how the Calabria Extraordinary Project managed to move columnists and commentators of all weight in a single day, from the total silence recorded so far, on the past and future of tourism planning. our area.

We clearly draw a merciful veil over the amount of absurdity, deviance and exploitation that we have been reading since yesterday and are all based, as is often the case, on an untrue fact and a delusional misunderstanding, generated by art: fact. In the U.S., no campaign has been carried out promoting Calabria that includes alleged oversight of any kind; No poster or new official image of our region has been created that contains any kind of alleged errors and has not been circulated.

A single, very common typo on one of the totems displayed within an operations and training workshop, which included an invitation only, successfully conducted 10 days prior, to determine an authentic, silly storm in a glass of water. was sufficient. A graphic typo of total irrelevance, on an internal instrument and therefore not public, neither to the media or outside the field, although identified and identified by itself during the comparison and corrected in real time the same evening. In short, translated: a day of controversy and editorials without news. continue.

And, unlike those who yesterday ventured into the usual defeatist and self-inflicted guerilla, which is unfortunately one of the limits that we have to cross, let’s go and move forward with a smile and strong enthusiasm. All of the five provinces of the region are shown to us every day, in support of which, I repeat, we consider a Copernican revolution in building the seasonally adjusted tourist reputation of our land. Copernican because it reverses the angle of observation and propagation of our field.

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An enthusiasm that we understand and this is also ours because for the first time with Calabria Extraordinary, we will launch with regions that have always been considered destinations for rainfall distributions without any strategy, a project of study, analysis and mapping they Unique Identification Marks (MIDs), which we have and others do not, of which our land is rich, perhaps without comparison; Mystical tourism or the simple proclamation of historical facts, such as Loch Ness in Scotland with the famous lake monster (1 million visitors per year) or the potential Juliet’s balcony in Verona, are both highly visited tourist destinations. official historical certification; Tours that we can and should also fly in Calabria without feeling sorry for ourselves, without shouting at the moon and without any inferiority complex. And, let me tell you, don’t be afraid to smile.

Another fake news that the media has become a slang phrase since yesterday: there has been no mapping of 100 unique identification marks to date. The Charter of 100 Mid, which we are now pleased to talk about by many, is only one of the medium and long-term objectives of the Calabria Extraordinary Project, even though no one has yet commented in this sense, essentially One is the training path and the re-appropriation of one’s pride and regional heritage into a tourist key that has never been initiated with this vision, with this systematic nature and with this direct participation of local communities.

The examples on the panels of the workshop held in recent weeks in Altomonte, from the Codex Purpureus Rosenensis to the Elephants of Campana, from the Rias Bronze to Gioacchino da Fiore and all others, to be cited or mapped, are just a few examples of an experimental model. , which changes the paradigm in tourism communication and which still has to be formalized, written, cataloged and used, region by region, to identify people who can be considered on the basis of that model and not consolidated to date Of the conservation measures, it marks specific identities, which are not the same in the rest of the world.

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So, no alarm, no run-up, no rush, no worries, no outs to anyone. We have just given up and together we must write the unpublished story of a Calabria, unexplored to this day, which though has always been under the eyes of us and our people, which is capable of fundamentally moving, imagination and fascination. Able to create travellers, in all months of the year, to live and share unique and unattainable experiences for different goals and in addition to everything else we already know and the rest of Italy, Europe and the world share with. Everything else is boring.

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