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Italy presented its official candidacy to host the 2032 European Championships. This was announced by UEFA on the day of the application submission deadline. Head to head with Turkey.

L’Italy has officially presented its candidacy to host the next Euro 2032. It was UEFA itself that confirmed Italy’s presence in the running for the event to take place in 10 years’ time. Our country has not hosted such an event since the Italy ’90 World Cup, in which the only bracket representing some of the last traveling European 2020 matches was also played at the Olimpico in Rome. But in this case Italy will be the only country to assume the responsibility of organizing the event.

FIGC has successfully completed the process of transmission of the documents that make it Preliminary Bid Dossier Regarding applying after the November 16 deadline. The candidature phase includes 11 cities: Milan, Turin, Verona, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari, Cagliari and Palermo. editorial staff of last bid dosir will continue for months to come April 12, 2023, the date on which the 10 candidate cities will be definitively presented to UEFA. The assignment of the event is expected by the UEFA Executive Committee in the autumn of 2023. Apart from Italy, Turkey has also submitted a candidature dossier for Euro 2032.

Italy has applied to host the 2032 European Championships.

Italy has applied to host the 2032 European Championships.

Apart from Euro 2032, UEFA has also received bid dossiers from the football associations of England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. for UEFA Euro 2028. Turkey, on the other hand, has submitted its candidacy for both the 2028 and 2032 editions of the top UEFA competition for national teams, while Italy has only submitted a candidature dossier for UEFA Euro 2032. Interested in hosting the event?

In providing “full support” to the FIGC, the government has already announced the definition of an institutional working group to coordinate activities, as well as facilitating the implementation of the Guarantee for national and local authorities. Letter from the Minister of Sports and Youth, Andrea AbodiOn the other hand it was clear: “The candidature of Italy represents a fundamental factor in accelerating this development process, starting with the stadium segment, considering the sporting, social and economic role of football, but warranting equal attention to plant engineering”, FIGC President Gabriele Gravina was also satisfied: “A Unique Opportunity”. Today UEFA confirmed that it has indeed got Italy’s candidacy correct.


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