Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy partnership celebrates success at Scottwind auction

Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy partnership celebrates success at Scottwind auction
Two of the projects proposed by the partnership (a site east of Aberdeen and a site north of Fraserburgh) have been licensed by Crown Estate Scotland with a third proposed site east of Caithness, to be developed by a partnership in which Are included Falk Akshay, blue float energy And orsted (The project was announced in July last year). A total of 3GW of marine wind capacity with floating technology is estimated for the regions, with projects that could be commissioned by the end of the decade should they obtain the appropriate permits.

Carlos Martin, CEO of Bluefloat EnergyCommented: “The Scottish coasts are ideal for the development of offshore wind projects and our team is thrilled to have the opportunity to use our experience in delivering these projects. The potential to revitalize the economy and strengthen Scotland’s position at the forefront of the energy transition We have already done a comprehensive mapping of the Scottish supply chain and will now work with as many local companies as possible to ensure that we do.”,

Tony Volpe, Falk Renewables CEO ,in the picture), he has declared: “We are extremely pleased that our proposals have been supported by Crown Estate Scotland and are delighted to make a significant contribution to clean energy generation for Scotland through our projects. Falk Renewables has a portfolio of renewable energies around the world And with our growth strategy, we are on track 2 to facilitate the global transition to a low-carbon future.”,

Richard Dibly, Managing Director of Falk Renewables Wind Limitedconcluded: “We are thrilled with the positive impact these projects have had for Scotland in terms of job creation, economic benefits and contribution to the net zero goals. Over the past 15 years we have seen how Scottish communities have grown through the financial support received Our onshore wind farm and we look forward to replicating this model by sharing with them the benefits of ocean wind.”,


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