Falck Renewables to build floating marine wind farms in Scotland with BlueFloat Energy

Falck Renewables to build floating marine wind farms in Scotland with BlueFloat Energy

(Teleborsa) — The partnership between Falk Renewables and Bluefloat Energy has signed option agreements for two of its winning offers, as part of the Scottwind auction. The site east of Aberdeen (“Plan Option E1”) would be named Bellrock, while the site north of Fraserburgh (“Plan Option NE6”) would be named Broadshore.

The partnership between Falck Renewables, BlueFloat Energy and rsted jointly signed an options agreement at a site in the east of Caithness (“Plan Option N3”), which will be called Stromer.

together, The three regions could host a total of approximately 3.0 GW of oceanic wind capacity., The projects – reads a joint note – could be commissioned by the end of the decade, subject to obtaining authorization and connections to the network.
The winning proposals combined a desire to create skilled jobs and invest in Scotland’s industrial fabric, making Scotland a global center for floating offshore wind technology, as well as a new model to benefit local communities. was constructed.

,We are delighted to have signed options agreements with Crown Estate Scotland, Now let’s move on to developing floating sea air on a scale that will make a real difference to Scotland,’ he remarked Carlos Martin, CEO of Bluefloat Energy , Scotland’s seas and coasts offer tremendous potential and we look forward to using our expertise to provide the clean energy that will be needed for a Zero emissions future for Scotland,

,These offshore wind projects will have a huge positive impact on ScotlandIn line with the commitment that has characterized our onshore wind initiative for over 15 years in the region – relaunched Richard Dibly, Managing Director of Falk Renewables Pawan Ltd. -. Projects will create jobs, strengthen local entrepreneurship, will generate economic benefits and help the development of Scottish communities. Starting today, our commitment is to turn these initiatives into reality.”

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As part of the project development plan, research will be conducted in collaboration with the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) to investigate the potential effects of floating air on the marine environment. It will also be studied to evaluate how fishing interests can better coexist with ocean wind and to analyze the interactions of fish, mammals and seabirds with floating wind farms.


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