Fate: The Animated Film (Un) Is A Hilarious Reflection On Fate

Wired Italia

Sam and Bob’s odyssey in the magical world of fate, inhabited by small and fickle people little man, the prolific unicorn and a apprehensive Fortunadrago is witty and quirky, daring and surreal. clearly the director Peggy Holmes ,Secret of Wings, Pirate Fairy), called by Skydance Animation Boss John Lasseter ,Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles) and screenwriter Keel Murray (cars) made a long start Philosophical and Anthropological Research on Fate, Or rather, on the contrary: “We have examined the beliefs of many countries and the common denominator is that (un)fortune is random: you cannot control it, predict or prevent it, and there is no need to give meaning to its existence. So we have decided to tell the story of the haunted girl. The misfortune that accepts your fate finds peace”,

it is a pity that King of Nerds Simon Pegg (Heroes of the Trilogy of Cornetto, Guest of Honor star trek, star wars, doctor who and inspirer of Hughie’s character boysDo not believe in misfortune. In fact, he told us: “We can rely on coins, rabbit claws, amulets and other objects that we think can bring good luck, but the reality is that we only have circumstances and opportunities”, And he continued: “It is up to us whether these things will bring good luck or bad luck. Obviously there are incidents that can only be attributed to good or bad luck, for example if you get hit by a car or if you win the lottery. But it may happen that you get hit and end up in the hospital where they hand you a winning lottery ticket and then bad luck becomes your ass. If so, that victory will ruin your life. In short, it is how we manage opportunities that determines the outcome of things.,


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