Female tour guides (who like men too)

Female tour guides (who like men too)

Later New York and London for womencomes from a journalist’s pen Alyssa B. pasino paris for women (Morellini Publishers). The ultimate romantic all-female tourist guide that attracts men and also all those who want to explore something more than the usual tourist destinations. It is precisely the great skill of the author, that he is able to discover the “wonder-around wonders” of every city he wrote about, finding completely unique unexplored places. With the holidays just around the corner, paris for women It’s the perfect read for anyone who decides to go on a long trip, or even just for a weekend. The author Alyssa B. Pasino explains it in our interview.

This is his last book, a “guide” to travel exploring some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Why did you think of Women’s Guide?

“The idea comes from the publisher, Mauro Morellini, who has believed in the project for years and has also launched Women’s Guides – among the many travel offers on bookstore shelves – with the most attentive and keen eye of those who already Know the city, but are looking for something else. Here, they can find it in these resolutions. In fact they can work for everyone, without exception, there are many men who have only used my “New York for women” ” and “London for women” and guarantee they don’t need anything else. But at least in my songs, I try, for example, about the neighborhood when it’s evening To warn, or to facilitate the life of mothers with young children so that they do not get bored and let them enjoy the journey. Plus some more tips on how to have fun among girls. For Paris” I have recorded over 80 addresses of vintage shops, which are called “fripperies” in France, or movies and TV series. Khalaan places are what we like the most. Tracking them all down every time was a very long task.”

From your experience, how much can a trip or a weekend change if you are alone or with friends instead of your partner?

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“Usually during a trip alone we have the most alert antennas, we rest less, because we have to take care of everything, we cannot share the burden, let’s say, unexpected, with other people. But there’s also the other side of the coin: We don’t have to be accountable to anyone. It’s probably the only trip, whether it’s a weekend or a long one, that really reflects us and what we can attract to ourselves. And I hope Now that one doesn’t feel embarrassed being alone in a restaurant, it’s such a great time. With friends, if they’re right, it’s usually just relaxation and fun: similar tastes, same hours, and shopping. No doubt you have to mediate with your partner, but you can visit the most romantic places in the city, enjoy the sunset and indulge in a candlelight restaurant “

What has your guide done compared to others?

“I get bored very quickly, I’m always looking for alternative routes and I’ve redeemed my books from this approach. When I started traveling seriously, about twenty years ago, I slowly realized that there was no need for sales. The guides were a photocopy of the other, so the traveler also became the classic tourist sent to see the same point of view, to go through the same itinerary, eat at the same restaurant. On the other hand, I believe , after removing the main attractions those who visit a place for the first time can follow the less traveled and equally beautiful streets, to experience the daily authenticity of the city. Not among tourists and in groups so as not to get lost. My books are designed to be used for more than one visit as there is so much on offer, they don’t ‘wear out’ at once. And a bit of a postcard to make what one wants to take home at that time, so maybe the next trip decides that it will come up with different ideas Wants to make a different itinerary. Here, he can”.

Could women’s travel be a turning point? A way to start with the help of the beauty of the places visited?

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“Every journey has always helped me. ,

As he said, his guides don’t have any places that are usually visited by tourists. It almost seems citizens of different cities …

“I want you to start looking ‘around the corner’ and don’t stop looking back too soon. Sometimes the most interesting surprises are a few steps away, but we’re used to following the beaten path. On that monument Having put the notch, we move on to the next. In my opinion we should begin – the information we give, I speak in this matter as a journalist and a writer, not just as a traveler – always To propose alternative ways. If tourism starts to affect other areas of the city as well, I am thinking of New York and London, not just Paris, meanwhile we are also in the secondary economy (restaurants, cafes, clubs, shopping). Streets, which are less fortunate. , automatically make them safer as passengers pass by. Also, we will not go to all the same places to be closed. Which will help us in the wake of the covid pandemic. We started liking the latter. In short, we don’t mind having a little space around us.”

You are a great traveller, are the best adventures done alone or in company?

“I don’t like group travel, I always like to deal with one or more than two people at a time. My travel companion is my husband Francesco, with whom the blog was born in 2013 double suitcase, I have lived many unforgettable adventures around the world – now pre-pandemic for which we must recover – even with my friend Annalisa or my mother. But, on a few trips abroad with my dad, the road between Chicago and Milwaukee was a great adventure, perfect for a Harlesta like him”.

Was the choice of some cities random or is there a reason?

“It was a path that was gradually built up in a natural way. When I met Mauro Morellini in late 2015, I proposed to him New York because it is a city I know well where Francesco and I was married in January 2010, for which there was also a special bond. Then the publisher needed to enrich the “woman” series with London, which is much more complicated to tell than the Big Apple, but it There’s another city that I love dearly, like the whole of Great Britain. So I thought it was a good challenge. It seemed like the ideal trio with Paris; the three coolest cities in the world. But I thought for travelers Also wrote a handbook, ‘Prete-ए-Partir. The Right Traveller’ and, for those who want to live in Italy, “Monferrato, Alessandria and Asti”, which tells the story of the land where I was born and grew up And which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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You remember the best trip?

“What remained under my skin was the long journey to North India between flights and hundreds of thousands of kilometers by car with my husband. You cannot visit some places in the world as a tourist. We should be responsible and ready travelers, always respect those who live apart from our cultures and religions and follow them without insistence. But also Machu Picchu in the Andes, in Peru, where I erupted with emotion. Uluru in central Australia, when I touched it, it looked like a huge breathing animal. America’s road trips are so lucky to have those breathtaking views! But take a stroll under a shower of cherry petals in Kyoto, Japan, or see the incredible expanse of Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, China. In my opinion, we have the most beautiful natural landscapes almost around the corner and we go back when we get the chance. Cornwall, Kent, East Sussex and then the coast of Scotland. And in my heart I always have Jerusalem which has a special value for us and we return here as soon as the opportunity arises and I would like to tell it in a book sooner or later, with all its facets and complexities”.


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