Fiorentina, changing rooms in Scotland left dirty after the conference –

Fiorentina, changing rooms in Scotland left dirty after the conference -
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After the match with Hearts, there was chaos in the locker room. There were “arrogant and derogatory” comments from fans of the Scottish club on social media. Fiorentina’s reaction: was forced to leave the stadium quickly because the water was cold in the rain

There is no bitterness pDefeat er against Fiorentina in the Conference League On Thursday 6 October, but there is also anger over how the dressing room of guests at Harts Stadium, Tynecastle Park, was abandoned. On the social network you can see the video and pictures (the video was released on the Twitter page “Scottish Football Away Days”) showingor the disastrous situation in which Fiorentina found the locker room after a 3-0 win, abandoned, You see complete chaos, trash and towels on the floor. “Arrogant and outrageous”, in short, was the comment of the Scottish club’s fans.

Viola has been accused of lack of class, to say the least. For his part, Harts did not comment on this, but Fiorentina could not remain silent in the face of the wide spread of foreign affairs (also picked up by the tabloids) and therefore made her position known in this regard. The team was forced to leave the stadium hastily at the end of the match as the water was cold in the rain.

However, it must be said that the video and images have also angered some Purple fans: “I guess it’s not accidental,” says one user. And then: “Is dignity never sacrificed?”. either: “The company should apologize, period. Comiso knows very well that in these situations in America we just apologize“.And there is an air of guilt. But not for Fiorentina, but for Hearts. Viola had highlighted some logistical inefficiencies. And this will most likely lead to UEFA sanctioning the Scottish club.”

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