First Baptist clergy was established in Morlix.

First Baptist clergy was established in Morlix.

It is the first time since the creation of the local community in 1834. On Sunday 14 February, Alyson Wyld was officially installed as pastor of the Baptist Church of Morlix (Finistère). In France, there are still fewer than ten of them to use this rustic ministry within the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Church (FEEBF), but this figure could increase significantly in the coming years.

“There are already many women in the local assembly, such as the former president of the Church Council. The women campaigned there for a long time. So my appointment here is part of a kind of logical, natural follow-up ”, Alyson Wyld explains today. Of Scottish descent, arrived in France in 1993, where he invested for years in the pastoral team of a Baptist church in Grenoble (Isère), claiming to be fifty years old in Moralix “Very warm, positive and open welcome without experiencing any special reservations so far” Concerning its gender.

“Mutual conscience”

“My arrival here is the result of a process of mutual consultation with the community”, She retreats again. For her, the appointment of female clergy in Baptist churches should become broader in the future: “This is a trend in the process of development, as it is clear that more and more women are beginning to undertake psychological studies. “

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While staying away from Lutheran Reformed Church of the United Protestant Church (EPUdF) figures, notably 37% of clergy, the FEEBF, which opened up the possibility for women to reach these positions in 2006, appears to be in the forefront. French Evangelical Landscapes. At this time, churches voted more than 75% in favor of this inauguration. With our congregation system, we can also respect the choice of those who do not want female pastors ”, Baptist theologian Valerie Duval-Pozole, a former member of the dedicated work group, explains.

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“If there are more of them, then the clergy should always prove themselves more than their male colleagues. More conservative churches still prefer men, reading the texts, justifying this by the concept of their authority, “ She continues “But they can be positively affected, especially by seeing women in charge at large ceremonies and conferences. The meeting can then change the theoretical argument. “

“Church is still hard to find”

“Today our Federation has 150 clergy including clergy. Less than ten women are in charge of the churches ”, Jozal Ranajohari, the first female general secretary of the FEEBF, noted since September. “At the level of national authorities, there is a genuine desire to encourage diversity. But even if there are signs of very clear development, it is still difficult for some women who are skipping training to find a church. ” He continues.

To support this development, the FEEBF seeks to raise awareness on the subject. “For many years, we have been working to raise awareness among communities”, Pointe Joel Ranjanjohari. A pastor for thirteen years, she has seen a change in outlook on the feminization of ministry. “In 2008, some of my comrades were successful in showing disinterested behavior towards me. Ten years later, people no longer allow themselves to show disagreement in the face ”, She explains that her sisters agree that it is easier to live now ” Common Ministry ”.


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