Forget agriculture, but the Roman emperor produced the Vino pharaoh in the Messina region

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While there is a lot of talk about bridges, infrastructure, a sluggish economy, some citrus fruit entrepreneurs point out that citrus fruits, the true gold of Sicily, are forgotten and no one cares to revive an area that is in many markets. Produces, feeds. And above all Sicilian emblem, Represented with The color and aroma of oranges and lemons, an intoxicating cultural and cultural symbol of orange blossom. Such as other nobles such as oil and wine.

The Chamber’s Agricultural Commission has expressed a favorable opinion on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which values ​​the development of agricultural biometric in the context of modernization of machinery and plants, technological innovation, a circular economy under the circumstances. And the provision of a specific allocation for redistribution and conservation of forest heritage. How agriculture will change and how much it will be able to marry technology to renew itself and enhance its potential, while retaining the aroma and goodness of the products, is a condition already underway. It is difficult to imagine for the romantic people of this region associated with ancient practices of land remediation.

So there are people who remember how even in the Messina area Things were different until a few decades ago. A bordono They were all vineyards, now left the land. The paranormal was produced along the strait Lighthouse wine, Fruit of 3 or 5 grape varieties (Nerello mascalese, Nerello cappuccino, Nocera, Nero d’Avola, Catalano) Who lives in Santo Stefano Briga named PalariConsidered one of the best labels in the world, it is called “Caesar’s wine” because it does not appear to have been liked by the Roman emperor to his guests. In san placido calonero 100 thousand bottles are produced and they end up in China, Japan, and the United States. Of equal value “Mamertino” grew from Wilfranca to the strip towards Tyrion.

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But it is horticulture on behalf of Tyrrhenian, the excellence that makes the number and difference, with more than 400 companies, 16 million plant exports, 7 thousand employees, including related industries. Individual entrepreneur, with over thirty hectares of greenhouses, tireless, dynamic and silent workers. In the 50s and 40s it was Villa de Pascale in Contes, Center of jasmine cultivation from Minisley to Santa Margherita, with which perfumes destined for France were produced; In the same area it worked with citrus fruits. Sanderson of the Bossuri family (In other initiatives by the company with English partners, many remember the Wat 69 whiskey distillate in Scotland). Kamiya was a land of flowers, The expansion of gardens that gave life to the La Gardenia d’Or Prize: Carlo Rodriquez, once owned by the “King of Hydrophils”, a 14-hectare garden in the Masnolino area, towards Dinamare Who was trusted like an expert Giovanni Chiafalo He then became chairman of the agronomists, creating greenhouses of hectares and experimenting with citrus fruit grafts. With the death of Worker’s Knight, the company no longer had its own engine, nor did the children show a similar interest.

Then, thanks to transportation as well, other companies have shut down, some have moved towards the sea or have more space in the Milazzo-Falcon region and take advantage of the proximity of the motorway. Here a virtuous spiral is triggered that persists, with many youngsters ready to get busy and put themselves to the test: by working with their parents in management, they have achieved a qualitative leap, Which translates into an international export with sensitive numbers. Our latitudes: 8 million ornamental plants, 5 million olive trees, 3 million oleander exported to Germany, Holland, France, Spain. Like to say that if in Munich we are attracted by well decorated flower beds, it would be good to remember that those holes are most likely to be found. We produce, they are very good at marketing them. MPC

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