Former ESPN star Bob Ley rips off former employer over reported cuts, job cuts

Former ESPN star Bob Ley rips off former employer over reported cuts, job cuts

An ex ESPN Nakshatra tore down the company working on Thursday as it was announced it was cutting 500 jobs.

Bob Lay, who was considered the epitome of sports journalism at the company, put it on ESPN, as it was revealed that sports broadcasters were laying off 300 people and cutting 200 jobs.

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“I am trying to be as objective and relaxed as I can learn to leave the members of the @spn team today. Not possible. I don’t see countless decades of journalism experience and expertise judging. Just when we need it most. Enjoy the DIS stock price and your NFL football. ”, He tweeted.

Lay was the original host of ESPN, who joined the company in 1979 and stayed with him until his retirement in June 2019. Lee has long been a “sports center” anchor and hosted many events for the 24-hour sports network, including the first. -Show the NCAA College Ledge Basketball Selection, now head of March Madness.

But the New Jersey native may be known “out of the lines,” for ESPN’s sports magazine and investigative show. The show has already received 15 Sports Emmy Awards since its premiere in 1990.

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The Wall Street Journal ESPN Chairman ESPN and Sports Content Jimmy Pietro quoted employees as saying the company was cutting 500 jobs. There will be about 300 direct layoffs, the rest will be open or planned positions will not be filled.

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Pitaro also wrote that the cut was part of a restructuring plan, focusing on digital streaming. He said the plan predicts a coronavirus epidemic, but it has gained momentum in the last few months.

“There is an urgent need for speed to change, and we will now offer a new service to sports fans in a new way,” Pitaro wrote in the memo.

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Both ESPN and Disney have faced the challenges posed by the epidemic. Companies have lost advertising revenue due to canceled or delayed events. In August, Disney announced that the company had lost April.7 billion dollars from April to June and its media networks group – including ESPN – was down 10%.


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