Former Manchester City spiraled out of control and there’s another: violent street brawl

Former Manchester City spiraled out of control and there's another: violent street brawl

Shay Long has become the protagonist of another bad story. Former Manchester City and Aberdeen column caught during a bad street fight in Scotland.

Over the weekend, a video starring a footballer went viral on the web and especially on Twitter. This is not a game-related episode, or one that happened on the pitch or in the changing room. Unfortunately, the images relate to a violent fight in the street, with the player who literally lost control, without realizing it was registered by a passerby’s smartphone. Who is the player in question? Is she longFormer Manchester City defender.

A 34-year-old British man was involved in a confrontation with another man late last night outside a breakfast shop in Aberdeen, Scotland. No clue as to the reasons for what happened and why the discussion turned into a fight. There was probably a specific episode at the base of the whole thing, and the two went from words to deeds: punches, kicks and violent blows, with Long who eventually slipped, remaining on his knees to try to counter the opponent. .

This turmoil aroused the curiosity of some of the attendees, and when some began to record the event, one of them decided to intervene to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. In the audio you can clearly hear the player’s name with many repeated words and insults. Within hours, the video took over the internet with a lot of views and shares.

Who is She Long? The class of 1988 seemed destined for the highest level of career. Growing up in the Youth of the City, after a loan around England, he returned to wearing the nationals jersey, collecting only one appearance. His experience in the Premier League ended immediately, and Long found his dimension in Scotland, where he became Aberdeen’s pivot, making 224 appearances with 12 goals, then moving to Hearts, and finally to Cove Rangers.

This is not the first time the former City player has made headlines in Scotland. In his recent past also a second life as a plumber, with the player who wanted to find an accommodation to live peacefully from an economic point of view with a closed career. Unfortunately, however, he ended up on the grill for a violent altercation with a coworker with these words: “I have lived a life that you can only dream of because of my career. you are a donkey “, The recipient of the messages sent everything to the club for exemplary action.


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