Fourth wave, WHO alarm: what could happen in autumn

Fourth wave, WHO alarm: what could happen in autumn

long battle against coronavirus Looks like it’s not up. For this you need to keep your guard up. Ask for details in Great Britain where the peak of infection was yesterday, Ben 26 ml. so many never ending January, a clear indication that pandemic He doesn’t want to know about bowing his head permanently.

Furthermore, with new cases reported in the United Kingdom and the Scots who came to London last week for the match against England, there is a dispute between UEFA and the UK on the one hand, the EU with Germany on the other. Tour European Football Championships And the final stage is scheduled in London.

WHO alarm, what could happen in autumn

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has raised the bar of attention: Covid-19 cases in Europe have started rising again after a ten-week decline and there is a risk of a new wave “until we stop Disciplined “. “Last week, the number of cases increased by 10% due to increased travel, crowding and the easing of restrictions,” said WHO’s regional director for Europe Hans. Klug In a press conference for which three conditions that coexist in particular are worrisome at the moment: “new editions, inadequate vaccination coverage and increased social interaction”.

“This development – he underlined the new rise in coronavirus cases – comes in the context of the rapidly evolving situation with the delta variant which is worrying and in an area in which, despite considerable efforts by member states, millions of people They have not been vaccinated yet”.

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Last week the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control estimated that by the end of August delta version Will represent 90% of new COVID-19 cases in the EU, while we are still far from the recommended vaccination coverage of 80% of the population.

Franco, manage the variants to avoid the new measures to remove

in our country the numbers are encouraging But grieve for doing wrong. The economic trend is “still conditioned by infection, the situation is rapidly improving and the vaccination campaign continues at a rapid pace” but ” related risk Must be managed to avoid introducing them with new variants new drastic removal measures”. Finance Minister said, Daniel Franco, during his speech at the General Assembly of Asolombarda,


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