From Marca’s “Wembalayazzo” to Scottish joy, to English newspaper tears: Italy’s victory at Euro 2020 in the world press

From Marca's

“Wembalayazzo”. Full page title on first brand In a word covers the Italian company. As the underdog, in the opponent’s home, with a stadium full of British fans, azuri From Roberto Mancini They stormed the English fort three lions Those who had contacted on the eve of the match were convinced that they could make Italy a victim of being served at the winners’ banquet. instead they lost chileni And the comrades have won the front pages of all the newspapers of the world, just like in the historical newspaper Brazil-Uruguay Feather Maracana Stadium From Rio de Janeiro, partially . repeated by the victory ofArgentina In America’s Cup A few hours ago, against forever Brazil, Always in Maracana: Thanks to the coach, too, for the greetings coming from Spain Roza luis enrique The one who confessed after losing the semifinals that he would type for Italy, cheered in style Brave of the Scots, to the dismay of the British with their pride.

Scots’ enthusiasm for Blue Triumph is rarely seen as that of a foreign national team. newspaper a few hours after the match National He dedicated the cover to a style Roberto Mancini. William WallaceNational hero who revolted against the oppression of the English king edoardo i. “Save us, Roberto. You are our… last hope”, he captioned. And today comes thanks to the Freedom newspaper that has a taste for teasing English neighbours: “It’s Coming to Rome”, “Is Coming to Rome”, he wrote in capital letters, taking the English catchphrase on football that the London national team “returns home” in the event of a victory. And again thanks to Mancini: “Roberto the Bruce (Like the Scottish king, Ed) Lead Italy to glory in the European finals”.

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As, other important Spanish sports daily celebrate Azurri’s victory with a symbol “very very good”while french team Outlines the race to win Mancini and the national group who would later lift the cup at Wembley 34 unbeaten run. So much so that the newspaper decided to own “invincible”.

A very different atmosphere on the English front page, where despair and anguish are combined with a sense of pride for a team that has come close to bringing the Cup to London for the first time. “it hurts”, it hurts, writes daily Express Which, however, adds “but we are very proud of you”. NS daily Telegraph It’s tough, with a picture of the final hug in the middle South Gate I They say, who failed in the final penalty, with the title “Last Pain”. White Wire a. end everything with “until we meet again”. The picture of the English manager and doubt appears mostly on the front pages, but if on Guardian We read the fans regret (“very close”), NS daily Mirror I ‘I’ Similar title: “Heartbreak”Mechanism. But almost everyone says: “We are proud of you”.


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