From Pasolini To International Concerts In Scotland By: Areola’s ‘Lombardy’ fast hero | NTR24.TV

 From Pasolini To International Concerts In Scotland By: Areola's 'Lombardy' fast hero |  NTR24.TV

The activities of IIS Lombardi are in full swing, with the students of the Codino Institute fully engaged in “outside the classroom” initiatives nationally and internationally.

Whereas the last time Pasolini’s ceremonies are played with the Lectio Magistralis held in the municipal auditorium by the professor at the house dedicated. Roberto Carnero, Professor of Contemporary Literature at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, who communicated with students of the fourth and fifth grades of the High School on “Pasolini Writer and Privateer” in Scotland, Sixteen Students of the Music High School, International Music Program for Europe – are engaged in rehearsals for 2022″, which will see him as a hero alongside his teammates from five other European countries.

Great hope, indeed, for the concert, which tonight at 6 pm (7 pm in Italy) will give voice to the creativity and invention of young musicians who, from afar during the pandemic period, composed “Symphony for Symphony” Is. Europe”.

Thanks to the Erasmus+ project “Looking Out Looking In” 135 students from Scotland, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Lithuania – these are twin nations – are preparing to play the notes of friendship and sharing the universal values ​​of individual countries. Beyond borders and cultural boundaries.

“I strongly believe in a school that is not limited to the classroom – They say Manager Maria Piroczykacross the far channel – But, coming out of it, it provides opportunities and opens the mind, especially for the youth. It is invaluable for new generations to live in a school that communicates with brilliant minds like Carnero, a scholar of contemporary literature, who reflects on the topicality of Pasolini’s thought with children and, at the same time, provides opportunities such as Erasmus who Allows young people to meet each other overcoming every diversity, We are living in these hours – manager terminates – Very strong experiences, united by the cathartic power of music that makes the school a magical place for growth and creative dialogue”,

While the Music High School is in Scotland, on the other hand, a group of fourth graders of Scientific High School are in Turkey, thanks to Erasmus+ “Breaking with Boundaries”, in support of a project on the topic of eco-sustainability A healthy lifestyle is important not only for our physical and mental health, but also for environmental sustainability. Students began workshops to test the effectiveness of producing products with natural substances for personal hygiene and a cream for eternal youth.

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“Learning while having fun” is the motto of Erasmus which allows students of Lombardy to become creators of knowledge with creativity, opening up to new cultures and experimenting with the reciprocity of disciplines.


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