From the Union to Scotland, to ensure the safety of Elizabeth and the Royal Family

Nicola Casula


After three years of work at Holyroodhouse, Nicole Kasula will receive a medal for services to the British Crown.

From Unions to Edinburgh, a . By General I work in information technology in Sardinia until the Queen’s Security. Thank you for commitment, resourcefulness and continuous training. Thus, 41-year-old Nicole Casula managed to join the team that looks after the security of the British royal family at their official residence in Scotland.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, part of which is open to the public and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world every year, has three tasks: to guarantee the safety of the Royal Family with the help of London and the London Police. Scottish, of the staff (the special function of the group to which the cassula belongs) and of the historic building, containing the valuables.

The palace, which is the turn of the British royalty throughout the year, is also home to ceremonies and ceremonies for the distribution of honours. Nicole Casula herself will receive one in the summer: the Medal for Services to the Crown. A recognition that rewards the dedication and audacity that led him to offer himself for royalties to the security services.

“For a few months after arriving in Edinburgh I did two jobs – one in an Italian pub and as an extra in films and series – to pay for the extra courses I had already taken in England or which I validated. Did,” says Nicole Casula. “Then I decided it was time to go out and write to Buckingham Palace.”


From his London residence, where he recruits only the urban police for security, Casula was directed to Edinburgh, where he already lived and worked in security for the government. Fringe FestivalOne of the largest artistic events in the world, attracting millions of spectators.

“After several more rigorous investigations, I was called for an interview”, continues bodyguard by unions. The conversation went brilliantly, and so for three years Nicole Casula has been protecting the members of the royal family during their stay in Scotland and all the staff who serve at Holyroodhouse.

“I personally met with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Camilla, Kate and William and Princess Anne,” Casula says. “Contrary to what one might imagine, they are people who disarm humanity and kindness and they always stop and talk to the staff”.

Nicole Casula also found the same simplicity discovered among royalty in her approach to work: “One thing I found incredible was that it was enough for me to be able to ask for interviews to be able to work. In Italy where I would have stayed and would have come back had the situation been right, it would never have been possible.”

“Scotland is not the land of toys”, concluded Nicole Casula, “I worked hard, combining my passion for martial arts – a sport I practiced for 25 years – with training, three hours a night With sleep. But in the end I managed to achieve something ”.

The next big event that will take him protecting royalty will be Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Nicole Cassula serving in Scotland

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022


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