G20, Agreement on Climate and Energy. But the agreement stops on two key points.

  G20, Agreement on Climate and Energy.  But the agreement stops on two key points.

The G20 in Naples has a climate agreement, but two key points are missing: a 1.5 degree increase in temperature and the elimination of coal from energy production by 2025. This is the result of the hours of conversation that took place on this. Day 2 of the G20 Environment, Climate and Energy in Naples.

Ecological Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani said he was satisfied with the result. «It was a particularly complicated conversation – he said – that lasted 2 nights and 2 days, with teams working on guidelines. There was not much optimism tonight. Then instead we managed to reach a settlement on the release: 60 articles proposed, 58 shared ».

It’s loading…

The main opposition came from India, the country most hostile to tackling climate change, with China hoping for Italy’s presidency. Only in the end did Beijing give in and give the OK to the rock that had blocked the talks, adding a reference to carbon neutrality. Now sent The final will reveal the time frame the target has been set, provided that one has been set. The draft and rumors circulated during the day had sowed doubts about the essence of the document, particularly on the financial commitments front and the constraints that should engage the richest economies on the planet on the climate front.

The axis between Kerry and Italy

The OK to the press release on Climate comes the day after the green light for the environment, in both cases under the direction of the Italian President. The text on the environment had already surfaced with hours of talks and several filings regarding the original objectives. One on climate has experienced an even more troubling process, even with mediation following the final announcement of the agreement. US Climate Envoy John Kerry and Ecological Transition Secretary Roberto Cingolani worked together on draft talks that ended on the afternoon of July 23 at the Ministers’ Table. Text sought to mediate between the various ministers present at the Naples summit, in order to secure a common statement by noon.

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Countries remained divided on at least “two, three points” at midday, with sources in Naples confirming tensions on the day dedicated to the combination of energy and climate. The two most slippery arguments for the club of the 20 richest economies are divided internally over strategies to tackle climate change and cut emissions.


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