G20 in Rome begins climb between distances and declared forfeiture on climate

G20 in Rome begins climb between distances and declared forfeiture on climate

It is not the best oversight if the United Nations Environment Agency’s (UNEP) ruthless punishment comes three days before the G20 aimed at a collective response to climate change. National commitments, it wrote in the United Nations Emissions Gap Report, “could make a big difference to net zero emissions”, although “they are still very vague, in many respects incomplete and inconsistent with most of the 2030 objectives”. “.

Thus, with the risks and burdens of a declared failure, twenty global leaders will meet again in Rome on Saturday and Sunday, among the geometric stones of the licentious utopia of Eur. It is up to them to try to renegotiate an agreement that is not on the horizon at the moment. There is still a great deal of distance between those who intend to meet the zero CO2 emission target by 2050 and those who take the ten-year deadline to 2060, like China and India. The Sherpas will work from today to work out an acceptable settlement. The final release which will act as a bridge to Cop26, the UN climate conference which also begins in Glasgow on Sunday. The huge impact a standoff in Rome could have on the summit in Scotland is clear to Mario Draghi, the current G20 president and host of the event, who was in Milan a month ago when youth activist Greta Thunberg called “Blah”. “was reprimanded against. “Blah blah” of leaders on climate change.

In plenary meetings between heads of state and government, in bilateral talks, in private talks and finally, in announcements at the end of the summit, words will be weighed and a thread will be found that gives hope for the latest goals. Science to contain global warming to within +1.5% between now and the end of the century, as set out with the 2015 Paris Agreement. Right now, Earth is spinning at a temperature that could more than double, rising to +2.7. Such a catastrophe that the laziness and economic development strategy of the big names of the world do not account for as much as they should. Whichever peak sits on Saturday is responsible for three-quarters of the total of these nefarious emissions. However, the biggest contributor to pollution will remain absent. China will be represented by the foreign minister, as President Xi Jinping will only be connected by videoconferencing, as will Vladimir Putin of Russia.

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This is the first time after almost two years of the pandemic that the leaders have seen each other in person in the format of 20. Face-to-face conversations are an opportunity to smooth out resistance, refocus the conversation, and wrestle concessions. Draghi would have to do so by “coordinating” interventions and those aimed at involving large economies, without which the fight against climate change is doomed to failure. Losses are everywhere, and will be found in the sweat and comma of releases. Australia, a land rich in coal, just yesterday pledged to adhere to a zero emissions target in 2050, but did not give details of the milestone.

The first major summit in attendance will also tackle two other global challenges: mass vaccination in vulnerable countries and rebuilding the economy on a more sustainable basis after Covid. Italian sources talk of 1-2 billion vaccines immediately available but are waiting to figure out how to distribute them. The G20 will work on the huge problems that exist in the logistics chain: transportation, cold storage, qualified personnel, adequate health facilities are prerequisites for mass vaccination, without which the virus will continue to run and produce variants.

But in addition to actions inside the Fucus Cloud, the center of the Red Zone armored by snipers and drones, the leaders will also meet for traditional bipartisanship. Draghi will speak to Joe Biden on Friday, then with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – who will seek to soften the climate – while a face-off with Turkish President Erdogan is yet to be confirmed. Finally, Americans have high hopes on a confrontation between Biden and Emmanuel Macron, the first since the signing of the Aukus economic-military agreement between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, which cut French orders.

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