Galliani: «TV rights have lowered the flags. We will need Brexit in football too.”


Adriano Galliani gives a very long interview to TuttoSport. Here are some answers.

His “Italian” Monza. Strategy given the lack of qualification for the World Cup?

“First of all let me say that if there is any advantage in being Italian, I am very sorry for it, because it is madness to skip the World Cup twice. I would have loved to see tired Italians in Qatar. However, our Italian choice begins with other assumptions: it is an exact philosophy of President Berlusconi, which I share. Foreigners take some time to settle down, so with the first half of the season being very narrow, as with many games, the risk is that we are put off before they settle down. Of course, then there’s also the world factor which can be distracting. If Italians care more? If Italians come from your youth area, they are more fond of jerseys. I always fondly remember that when Cesare Maldini came to the office, he asked me a lot of money for Paolo, it took me a long time to find a financial settlement and he would always leave the room saying to me: “Don ‘ Don’t worry I won’t take him out of here”. Is there a difference? Among other things, Paolo was then assisted by Dr. Beppe Bonetto on the subject of Turin … first a grenade manager, then a prosecutor to whom the memory of nostalgia, respect and affection binds me. A soccer gentleman and let’s say there was a style, let’s call it… different from today ».


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