GB puts London Scotland at risk, but can find Gabon

 GB puts London Scotland at risk, but can find Gabon

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From “Great Britain” to “Global Britain”; Maybe with a lesser Scotland and another Gabon. Geopolitical fantasies and yet social announcements with many endings: the next Commonwealth summit, in late June or a little later.
It happens that the President of the African country, Ali Bongo, has arrived in London for an interview with His Excellency the Secretary General of the body bringing together more than 50 former colonies. Her name is Patricia Scotland (coincidence) and she promised to proceed to the accession talks despite Gabon, the former occupier of Paris, still part of the international organization Francophony. After the meeting Bongo tweeted with the hashtag #GabonForward (in English), assuring that the path could already be defined at the next Commonwealth summit to be held in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Bongo also spoke of moving forward in a second London interview with Prince Charles of England. Environmental protection, sustainable development and climate have been at the forefront, according to the President’s shrimp, also looking at the Cop26 conference to be held in Scotland in November.
As recalled by Jeanne Afrique magazine, Gabon is an oil producer, but is committed to cutting pollution emissions by 50 percent by 2025. And for some time Prince Charles has been promising a green fund to support the circular economy, which could benefit Commonwealth countries. More generally, Libreville aims to “diversify partners” and “intensify growth prospects,” according to Nouradin Bongo Valentin, coordinator of presidential affairs of Gabon.
If the declarations followed the agreements, English would become the second official language in Gabon after French. Something similar has already happened in Rwanda, with Mozambique being the only other country in the Commonwealth that is not a former British colony. Kigali will also represent a model for Libreville as it remains part of Francophony’s international organization. Bongo’s idea would be: to find himself with another ally, taking advantage of the brunt of Brexit, without leaving a special bond with Paris.

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