Georgetics, fishing minister’s village

Georgetics, fishing minister's village

CAZZAGO Brabia (Varese). In this province of Scotland, which fades on February 1, you eat while ignoring the lake. Fish in carpi ed (fish from the lake first fried, then drowned in onions and vinegar, a dish to eat cold even when below zero). A healthy and good Celtic food, because here we are “petty, Ligurian Celts”, who explain to Mayor and Engineer Emilio Mogi, and it is the ancestral village of Giancarlo Giorgetti, the new Minister for Economic Development, a shy and elusive, but powerful type , Like the warriors who played them for the invading Romans. He lives somewhere on the moor, he comes from the capital at night, which seems far away from here, treacherous and even treacherous. He always walks alone, even in the rain, then he escapes again.

So, we are one Cazägh. near the heir (Heir), the place where the Northern League was born, the Old League, means: not far from the palace of Po Homeland Bossi’s father, Giman (Gomenio). In an hour’s drive, pass by Galara (Gallate) and Basti Grandi (Basto Arsizio) You arrive at Pontida, the sacred meadow Lumbar And the ideas of the ideological Gianfranco Miglio, who demanded autonomy, “Thinking Rome / League does not forgive”. It was many years ago. After that, many things happened that did not fit here.

Country of mats and avocats

But it remains a primitive place, and not only because of the Bronze Age stilt houses that emerged on the shores of the lake. Everything as it once was, nothing has passed ahead of time, the houses are similar to the nineteenth century, there are no buildings or skyscrapers, only old houses have stone architecture, ancient pillars in the nobles or are rich, one The critic Philippe Deverio came to the place, his family was from here. Then, the cobra courtyard, twice, a trattoria, a pizzeria / ice cream shop, fine. Eight hundred and twenty inhabitants, 20 swans, 500 cubs, deployed like crows on the shores of the lake, are competing for small fish left for three living professional fishermen. One called Jarzetti Luigi, called Negus, born in 1936, who was the owner of Carpin, always won at all festivals. The second is Ernesto Giorgetti, who is 85 years old. It must be said that many people here are called Georgetti, and the Honorable Minister is now the son of a fisherman, who died years ago, and was named Natale. As his cousin Amerigo Giorgetti, a former high school professor and local history expert, says, “It is true that there are many Giorgitis here, but then there are clans. For example, he is the most important person, called Beton Goes. After this, there are Belts, and others, who are lost in the fog here, and a nature reserve amidst the Brabia swamp. However “Maybe because we’ve always eaten a lot of fish here, we’re all very intelligent “.

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Actually Cazägh Is the land of “Matt and of advocate“. Again advocate Are over and i’m made Matt“, Historians explain with delight. This means that fishermen, who had gone through the profession and had rights to fish to their elder son, once the golden days were over, sent their children to school in Milan. Minister, Bosconi In. Business Economics), although “he is a fundamental Bokonian, loyal to his origins and his land”, indeed to water. But the Ligurian Celts are not necessarily Lega Nord, in fact Emilio Manny is another tribe. K., who belongs to the Democratic Party., And leads the mixed junta, which is also good for the village and its future, hopefully slow tourism, silent spectators and climate lovers Scottish And Celtic eating (but you must have Gölsch and Barbour). In short, people who know how to appreciate history and beauty Ur Rierùn, The boat was restored for mass fishing and parked next to the fishermen’s home, which heirs to the lake’s historic fishermen’s cooperative, only one of which was then the presidency, “because they were seconded Had to be inconsistent, “” the underscritary for the presidency of the Council of Ministers “, explains Meyer. Before him, his father, from whom he must make at least one plaque as he combated two factories born in the boom on the other side of the lake: “Ignis del Borghi, which made everyone rich and textillos. They were loaded. Water. , Like the municipalities, the lake was nothing but polluted “, he was half dead. And Negus says that “Natal Giorgetti sued for damages, which lasted 30 years. But we won. I took 160 million, none of us could hold anything now”, eels and perch disappear. went.

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in the name of the Father

“The father was an outstanding man. The people of the lake, simple. The son is the same”, says Gianfrenco Zanetti, president of the cooperative. “In one hand, in the summer he comes backstage with a shirt, he goes to sunbathe on his boat”, says Gloria, the mother of La Darsena bar owner Lorenzo Redis, “she is not an exhibitionist,” meaning in. He does not air himself. He was mayor of Cazzag for two times (1995–2004), moved to the next two Northern leagues and then repented to Nicora, “Then I came, and I won against the league. Second time, with the same list.” Told me: You made a good list with young people.

Magni recognizes the strengths of Kabir Dei’s Giorgetti Batin, “As Mayor he did well. For example, he restored the icebox”, three large stone buildings, where fishermen stored the lake’s ice in winter, to preserve tarnish and tithes. “After that, he’s on the right, I’m on the left.” Seriously, “a Christian Democrat, in the good sense of the word. And besides, he is not a Salvian. I think the pro-European turn is thanks to him. And I remember him asking many times: You are someone How can you resist together. Like Salvini? “. Answer? None. Perhaps that’s why, he wants to be compared to a lake fish,” that’s Pike “. And how’s Pike?” He’s a clever hunter. “

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