Giovanni Arena Presents Tik Tok “That Train To Inverness” With 1 Million Followers In Palermo

Giovanni Arena Presents Tik Tok

Giovanni usually travels to tell stories, this time he decided to do it to grow. With his creative feed on Instagram and his TikTok video trips, his travels have become within reach of everyone: he is one of the most loved travel creators, Giovanni Arena or Giovanni, who travels, with tips for his community. is a constant source of 1.1 million followers

But this time by choice the globetrotter, who has now cut off the whole world from his Calabria, wanted to test himself with his first novel, a novel. “The Train to Inverness” is a journey of love towards the majestic landscape of the Scottish Highlands, from Bologna to Rovaniemi, Finland, crossing all of Europe, the mesmerizing landscapes of Switzerland, the ascetic peoples of Germany and the enchanted cities of Scandinavia.

But it is also a novel of creation, of development, of friendship. Giovanni Arena will introduce him to the Flacovio Mondadori bookstore in Sanlorenzo Mercato in Palermo on Tuesday, June 28 at 7 pm, and will begin a real face-to-face with Romans such as Giulia Proetti Timperi, or Balamour, Roman from birth. So much in love with Palermo that she became its digital ambassador after visiting the island because she was captivated by its beauty.

Free admission (subject to availability). Information on email [email protected]. You can buy the book in Flacovio Mondadori stores through Roma, 270; In Sanlorenzo Mercato and Forum Shopping Center.

That Train to Inverness

An intimate story set in the enchanted atmosphere of Scotland. If he travels, Giovanni does so on the train while looking out the window. And the faster the landscape flows, the more his thoughts flow: they climb between the roofs of houses, spread through the boundless plains, play with the light of street lamps, breathe in the sunset. He has a relentless run that is almost essential to Giovanni, his way of detaching himself from a traumatic past, which emerges at every stop of the station, when the journey comes to a halt for a few moments.

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There, on the platform, like passengers waiting for the next train, fear and frailty watch him out of dusty windows: he also has a ten-year battle with acne, which left his skin scratched with scars on canvas ( Too much) ) deep. If he travels, so does Giovanni with one of those old disposable machines, ready to immortalize the moments he wants to make eternal. If he had it in his pocket, he would also photograph the meeting with Stefano, because when he looked into his eyes, he felt the same feelings as he looked at the world through the window of a moving train.

But it is only when Giovanni meets Ana, a friend of Stefano’s, who is almost a brother to him, that the three decide to go on a journey that will mark their lives forever. A journey which will start in three but from which two will return. She Train to Inverness tells a story of training, friendship and love with humility and candor. A novel about an unexpected journey, spontaneous like all the most important things in life. A novel capable of touching the soul of those feeling abandoned, ostracized and hopeless, of a need for security and freedom, and of a dream to pursue at the end of the world.

Who is Giovanni Arena

Giovanni Arena was born on October 21, 1995 in Vibo Valentia, but grew up in a small town near Tropea. He attended Scientific High School, then moved to Milan where he specialized in Marketing Psychology at Cattolica. In recent years he has turned his biggest passion into work: traveling. In fact, through videos published on his social channels, Giovanni has become one of the most liked and followed travel creators in Italy, offering ways to travel cheap, in your suitcase, and with magical But thanks for his invaluable advice on what to bring with you. Places to visit and hidden places around the world. In 2021 he published his first book “Welcome to the Economy Class” with Mondadori.

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