“God Save the Queen”: Inspired by £80m from Platinum Jubilee

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(Teleborsa) – four days of national holiday – from June 2 to 5 – to celebrate Platinum Jubilee queen’s Elizabeth II ruling from 70 years old, A record: No ruler had ruled for so long.

In view of the function. expectations of Tour the UK, British National Tourism Agency after pain arising before the effects of Brexit, then the pandemic and finally the fallout of the conflict in Ukraine.

the forecast prepared by the unit and related to extra income what will arise is around 80 million pounds As for the West End area, that is the entire central area, including Piccadilly, an area where restaurants, attractions and shops are concentrated. A coherent is also expected Tourist flow.

Tomorrow, Thursday 2 June, day begins with special edition of parade Trooping the Colour In front of Buckingham Palace, the overflight of the Red Arrows, the RAF’s acrobatic team, is expected to watch from the balcony of the Sovereign to the sound of the passage of 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians, along with a row of leaders at the side of the royal family confined to building with “active duty member”.

today, Friday 3 is an ad hoc Thanksgiving worship day Paul’s Cathedral for Elizabeth’s long reign, as monarch and head of the Anglican Church. But the queen will not be for one today “Slight restlessness”. Highly anticipated must also appear Harry and Meghan In a moment that truly marks a possible rapprochement with Windsor House in 2020 post-tear. Tomorrow will be Saturday 4th June. platinum party, Animated – Always Around Buckingham Palace – A Procession By D5,000 street artists, actor, musician, circus acrobat; British and world stars with a musical-homage seal to the sovereign (from Sir Elton John, Diana Ross, Duran Duran and Andrea Bocelli to news of Mabel, George Ezra or Sam Ryder).

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until the end “popular” on Sunday 5 assigned to the kermesse Big Jubilee Lunch, With banquets in public parks and festivals across the country. The day the park at Windsor Castle will host the “world’s largest picnic table” (500 meters for 1,600 for duly booked ‘ordinary’ guests); and other royal residences will be open to visitors Sandringham (Norfolk, England) to Balmoral (Scotland). While the traditional closing bell of the island’s pubs would be raised from 11am to 1am to allow everyone to toast once again to the nation’s long-living Elizabethan: singing a more or less quiet God Save the Queen.

There are many gadgets too Made to pay tribute to the Queen: from Swatch, which made a version of her famous wristwatch, to Mattel, which also made an Elizabeth II-inspired doll “Make” With Lego, in representation of the Windsor Resort made by Legoland.

“Thank you to everyone, communities, families, neighbors and friends in the UK and across the Commonwealth who have come to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee. I know this festive occasion will bring many happy memories. I continue to be inspired by the goodwill shown to me and hope that the days to come will provide opportunities To reflect on what we have achieved in the last seventy years”. The announcement, which appeared on the social profiles of the royal family, appeared to strongly and without doubt express the intentions of Queen Elizabeth as she looks to the future. “With confidence and enthusiasm”.

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