Gold in 200 and 100. Silver in

 Gold in 200 and 100.  Silver in

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May 23, 2021 at 7:25 pm

Margherita Panziera of Montebelluna confirmed herself as the European champion of the 200 backstroke, and after finishing first in Glasgow in 2018, she also won the gold medal in Budapest, sweeping the competition. The 25-year-old Italian record holder (2’05 “56) – drafted by Gianluca Belfour, with 100 in silver and 4×200 mixed mixed with 4×200 mixed and bronze – wins with her third individual performance in 2. 06 ” 06 and finalist The only one to fall below 2’07 between. English Cassie Wilde 2’07 ” second in 74 and Hungarian Caitlin Buryan – third in Scotland – bronze in 2’07 ‘Join him on the podium ’87. “I’m really happy Am because I really didn’t think I would swim in such a short time – says Venetian backer, registered with Fiame Jiall and doctor in international business economics with CC Annene, 108/110 – it meant that I would do well Working, I am happy to be able to manage such a tough race, maybe I can pay less attention to the opponents and more to the time trial. Gold has arrived anyway and it is fine ”.

Governor Luca Xia’s comment: “Margherita Panziera also enters the history of sports and swimming as a whole in Italy and the Veneto region. It is very difficult to win, paving herself even more. An extraordinary encore that immediately followed an iconic silver Comes. This girl from Montabelluna is so nice that fills us with pride. With the ‘divine’ Federica Pellegrini, who continues to claim new medals and combines the Zia – with the Margarita Panziera – Venice swimming movement every Is experiencing a golden moment in the sense. Tokyo is a Vaticum full of suggestions for the 2021 Olympics ”.

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