Google Maps accused of offering overly dangerous hiking routes

Google Maps accused of offering overly dangerous hiking routes

Mountain professionals warn. Getting to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest point in the British Isles in Scotland, can be very dangerous. What’s more if you use paths reported by Google Maps, Reports CNN. Climbers say the roads are “potentially deadly” as more travelers use the mapping app’s routes and routes.

The path, classified as “too dangerous” even for experienced hikers, underlines the Scottish association John Muir Trust, specializing in the conservation of wild places and animals. Should it be said that? Ben Nevis is a popular destination for tourists in normal times. And to reach its summit (1.345 m), you need to have some knowledge of the terrain. Every year, there are many deaths in this area.

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“Your hike could be fatal”

“The problem is that Google Maps leads visitors to the Upper Falls parking lot, because it will be closer to the top,” warned the John Muir Trust. Groups of hikers heading to Stall Falls or the southern slopes of the summit. The association denounces the fact that it seems “normal” for people to rely on Google Maps for their hiking trips. “The line shown on Google is a steep, unmarked, rocky path, and where it’s difficult to follow a line to be safe even in good visibility. You add to that rain or mist, and your hike can be fatal. Maybe,” scolds Heather Morning of the Scottish Mountaineering Society.

He also lamented the fact that nowadays it is very easy to “follow the information available on the Internet”. Several organizations have already taken steps to discuss with Google the removal of these potentially dangerous roads. But for the time being, the US firm has not followed through. She only “told CNN that she was reviewing the complaint.” We’ve built Google Maps with safety and reliability, and we’re doing what we need to investigate this issue in and around Ben Nevis,” a spokesperson for the group detailed, and asked local organizations to provide more accurate geographies on roads and paths. Encouraged to provide information so that they can be downloaded to their software.

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