Govt rejects additional restrictions due to state quarrel over COP-1 CO cases, hospital admissions

Govt rejects additional restrictions due to state quarrel over COP-1 CO cases, hospital admissions

REALITE, NC (WNCN) – People received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this week, the government said. Roy Cooper (D) said Wednesday that the state could be “springing up until significant improvements are made” as the situation escalates. Numbers

He recently instituted a statewide curfew but did not rule out additional restrictions such as the initial stay-at-home order earlier this year.

“We are putting all our options on the table. We have equalized in the last three days. However, it has closed at a high number. Make the health and safety of North Carolinans a top priority. ”

On Wednesday, 2,811 people were admitted to hospitals across North Carolina due to COVID-19 in the state, a number that has doubled since mid-November.

Daily, on the last Friday of 540, new daily cases have come down from the daily level, then every day, from 770 to 88. There is a new case.

“We are seeing the effects of Thanksgiving right now. That’s one reason our numbers have increased. Cooper said this is one reason health officials are urging people to use common sense this Christmas.

The governor is urging more local government leaders to adopt civil penalties for violating their executive orders. He sent him a letter last week outlining the state’s attorney general’s office fee advisory letter as to why it would be legal for him to take the step.

Greensboro city leaders adopted a new penalty last month. Other communities have focused on educating the public while some leaders have refused to implement executive orders.

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The town of Nashville in Franklin County recently, despite restrictions on wholesale gatherings, and state and county health officials urged city leaders to cancel it.

“We need a lot of leaders who are setting good examples and we need to provide a lot of tools to make sure we are slowing the spread of this virus,” Cooper said. “This epidemic can’t really be political.”

The governor said he understands why law enforcement officers would hesitate to prosecute anyone for violating business orders, which is why he and other state officials are encouraging the use of civil penalties instead.

Cooper’s statewide curfew was imposed last Friday, requiring various businesses to close by 10pm and liquor sales by 9pm, the governor said, adding it took two weeks to see what effect the move would have on the state’s Covid-19 matrix. Can.

With increasing cases, some school districts, such as the Wake County Public School System, have decided to return all students remotely. The WCPS Board of Education voted Tuesday to suspend individual education between January 4 and January 15.

When asked if more schools need to return to remote learning, Cooper said, “We’re leaving that option on the table to enable young children to use the room, at school and in the classroom, some face to face, some not face to face.” ”

This week, hospital staff across the state began receiving the first dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, with state officials expecting the Moderna vaccine to be approved in the next few days.

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In a recent poll conducted by Elon University, about 40 percent of people in the state said they plan to get vaccinated if approved by the FDA. About one percent are still undecided, while 40 percent are not.

“We have to work to get that number higher. A lot of people come at this from different perspectives. Some people are working on misinformation, “Cooper said.

He also talked about the “troubled history of experimentation on the African-American population” and that “there may be deep-seated emotions.”

“We know this vaccine will be safe and effective for people. And so, what we’re doing is involving community, health and faith leaders across the state, talking to people about how important it is to take these vaccines in public, to protect yourself and your family. “I believe we can turn this misconception and misunderstanding around a lot and vaccinate enough people to bring this epidemic behind us.”

State health officials say the initial supply of vaccines will be low. Probably not until the spring that they are widely available.

When asked if he expects to remove all restrictions on COVID-19 and people returning to normal life, he said, “It’s hard to say what normal life will be like. But, I believe in the next few months as we get more and more people vaccinated … I hope that spring things can start to get significantly better in you and we can take our numbers down. We will have to wait and see how this vaccine affects our ability to infect. “


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