Harley Davidson and Porsche: two major brands in the midst of an ecological twist!

Harley Davidson and Porsche: two major brands in the midst of an ecological twist!

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We have already told you about Porsche and its stunning electric tekken, roaming free on the Tesla Mag in the Swiss Alps. She now has a two-wheeled cousin, Harley Davidson Live Wire, who loves her 100% power and loves the great outdoors. The similarities are greater between these two great brands, and this is only the beginning…

This image of “Green Shift” for Porsche and Harley-Davidson was found around the same date, by Javier Kreppet, Western European marketing director of the Hells Angels favorite brand.

Tesla Mag met her late last year for an exclusive interview, in which she spoke of her pride in representing a brand as Harley Davidson after several years at Mercedes-Benz, and her hopes That Live Wire makes it possible to attract new customers.

Livewire search

“Live wire is a revolution for us in terms of design and engine, but it is not complete for the first time. In 2001, we released a V-Rod, developed with the Porsche, equipped with a liquid-cooled engine, a first for Harley-Davidson.

He had surprised his world because he had a futuristic design and a distinct sound, and he allowed us to re-establish our brand. We can actually compare Tycan with Live Wire, in relation to the history and strengths of these two brands that take an ecological turn with an exclusive product at the same time.

of demonstration

For the exclusive product, the Harley-Davidson Live Wire picks up a bit: it weighs 256 kg, for a power of 105 hp, and torque of 116 Nm is immediately available, as soon as you start turning the handle.

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It climbs from 0 to 100 km / h in less than three seconds, its autonomy is given for 235 km in the urban cycle (150 km in the combined cycle) and above all it is very much at home on a standard outlet Rechargeable, for basic cell phones in 8 to 12 hours.

The other option is fast charging, ie 100% battery in about an hour, at most terminals available in France. And this may be enough for most users once a week, as “the average person does 40 km per day in an urban cycle”, underlines Javier Kreppet. Fast charging stations have already been installed at about fifteen authorized dealers (out of a total of 60 Harley-Davidson dealerships in France). They all also have live wires on trial, as Harley aims to “promote the discovery of brands and products” more than ever, says Javier Crepet.

A new customer

“In addition to the capabilities of this bike, we are trying to reach a new customer, which is different from the design, performance and the fact that we offer a greener sensibility. The belt of the gearbox has a completely new engine and therefore a new sound. Harley’s V-Twin melody is regularly surprised by this turbine noise, but it’s a new approach, with benchmarks no longer the same as before.

You have to give it a try, as we did in 2014, when it was presented for the first time, to customers, journalists and dealers all over the world. He discovered this bike and new sensations. It’s a lot of fun to ride and some of our more pure customers are gearing it up on their second, more urban bike for the week, while keeping a classic Harley for the weekend. “

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The owner of marketing in Western Europe for the famous Milwaukee firm has not finished with the qualities of live wire, whose socket for recharging is above what would be a tank for another motorcycle:

Livewire driving mode

“There are 4 driving modes including the brand (Road, Sport, Rain, Economy) and 3 customizable modes: you can play on power, uplift, traction through an easily accessible application (HD Connect), which you can follow on your On smartphones, which allow you to detect a motorcycle, if it is stolen, to monitor its charge level, its maintenance intervals, etc. “

There remains a need to make this new 100% electric motorcycle known. To achieve this goal, Harley-Davidson has proudly selected ambassadors and Xavier Kreppet in very different fields: “We all have the same discourse, the same approach in all countries, but we choose ambassadors, influencers Can, with whom there is affection. Type “.

Famous ambassador

In France, Harley-Davidson chose Fredrik Anton, a three-star chef at the gourmet restaurant, Jules Verne, on the Idol Tower. “He now travels in Live Wire in Paris, with an environmental approach, to promote his great restaurant”, smiles Javier Crepet.

Another ambassador of choice is Scottish actor, director and singer Evan McGregor. “He is a very experienced rider. He moved from Patagonia to Los Angeles with live wire in 100 days, 20,000 km in extreme conditions. He managed without a charging station, it was an extraordinary showcase for us ”.

Harley-Davidson has already created thousands of “biker” dreams, since its creation in 1903, as Porsche has thrilled entire generations of “gentleman drivers” since 1931. These two parallel legends will continue to be written in fashion. Because the revolution is going on, it will not stop. Tesla Mag is here to tell you everything, the smallest details below…


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