Harley-Davidson: Davidson House for Sale

Harley-Davidson: Davidson House for Sale

One piece of Harley-Davidson is for sale
old davidson family home for sale

The All-American company Harley-Davidson has its roots in Europe. The original generations of later founders come from central England and Scotland. The old Davidson house in Scotland is now for sale.

Netherton Cottage in Aberlemno is for sale for £320,000. The stone house where William C. Davidson was born in 1846 is 20 miles north of Dundee in Scotland. The Davidson family lived there until 1857 when they moved to the United States.

reconstructed pension

Of course, much has happened in the house since 1857. In 2008 a local Harley fan bought it and began cleaning the old walls of dust, weeds and dirt. The terrace is no longer there, but the old hearth and oven. The house where WC Davidson was born was renovated in 2012 and has since been rented out as an overnight accommodation, also owned by many fans of the Harley-Davidson brand and with a badge Immortalize himself. The house and 200 square meters of land with outbuildings and garage can be bought for £320,000, which is equivalent to €370,000.

Harley Davidson

William C. Davidson

Davidson emigrated to the United States with his parents and siblings in 1857. In Wisconsin, the father gets a job as a carpenter at a railroad company. The Harley families live in Milwaukee, as neighbors. Initially, William preferred everything mechanical and followed his father to the railroad. Williams’ sons Arthur, Walter and William A., together with William S. “Bill” Harley, founded a company in 1901, which in 1903 was given the first own workshop, “The Shed”, on Davidson’s estate. The inspiration for this comes from Scott’s father, William C. Davidson, who built the hut.


Learned a lot. The Harley-Davidson is almost as British as it is American and one of the homes of founder Davidson is now being sold in Scotland. You don’t know why, maybe the Harleys will soon be coming from Scotland. It is doubtful whether this will resolve Harley-Davidson’s tensions with EU tariffs.


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