Hawaii has imposed new COVID-19 travel restrictions

Hawaii has imposed new COVID-19 travel restrictions

Any air flying must be negative COVID-19 The results of the exam before his departure for the state, implementing the new rule two days before Thanksgiving, were announced by the government’s David Ig on Thursday.

Until now, passengers flying to the islands using the pre-travel testing program were allowed to upload their negative test results to the state database, so they could skip the two-week quarantine.

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However, some passengers who arrived in Hawaii without their test results tested positive later. He, in part, asked for a change of rule, Ig said at a news conference.

The new program will be implemented on Tuesday, shortly before the holiday.

To bias the 14-day quarantine, passengers must have the appropriate type of COVID-19 negative test results from one of the state’s trusted testing partners, IJ said.

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“If test results are not available before the final step of the exam, the passenger should have 14 days or the length of stay, whichever is shorter.”

People who arrive without taking their negative test results before departure will not be able to leave the quarantine, even if their negative results become available immediately after they arrive.

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Passengers always had the option of not being tested and quarantined in hotel rooms or homes upon arrival. Passengers will continue to have that option.

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