Here are seven candidate cities to host in the UK

Eurofestival News

Seven cities competing to host Eurovision 2023 in the UK have been revealed.

Seven cities shortlist for Eurovision 2023

In the shortlist, announced at the Breakfast Show hosted by zoe ball Presented on BBC Radio 2 and by the Executive Supervisor of the Competition, Martin Osterdahalileft:

  • Glasgow
  • manchester
  • liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle
  • Leeds
  • sheffield

Six of the seven cities mentioned have never hosted Eurovision in history; The only exception is Birmingham, which dreams of an encore of 1998, when at the National Indoor Arena, the winning story Dana International for Israel.

In addition to Zoe Ball and Martin Osterdahl, who submitted the shortlist Scott Mills, DJ and one of the review’s commentators for the BBC: It was he who explained that the UK hosts instead of Ukraine. However, many elements of the latter will still be shown during the show: after all, let’s talk about the country that won the previous edition.”stefania” Of Kalash Orchestra,

No London. Eurovision Press Release

These seven cities were chosen from a large number of 20The numbers were confirmed by the BBC itself by all four souls in Britain: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

London’s absence stands out, and it appears to be almost a trend, leaving the capital out of the final shortlist: last year it was Rome that dropped out of the race before the qualified candidates were 5, from which it was then called. was chosen Turin,

Candidate cities will now have time to develop their own application projects, so also who will host it will be announced in the autumn.

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As for tickets, these will be on sale for some time after the host city is confirmed, although it is not known exactly when.

it is read in Eurovision Press Release,

The 7 cities were selected based on their ability to meet a range of minimum requirements that demonstrate their ability, capability and experience to host an event of such scale and complexity. Given the short time available prior to the conduct of the event, the selection process has been weighted heavily to demonstrate experience of hosting major international events in the past, as well as the ability to demonstrate credentials in ‘hosting a festival’ went. contemporary music.

Criteria for hosting Eurovision

These are the criteria based on which the BBC will choose the host city, with clearly the EBU taking the final position:

  • Have an arena with enough space for Eurovision Song Contest requirements
  • A commitment may be made by a city or region to host the event, including financial contributions.
  • The strength of the cultural offer, which will include local and regional outdoor activities as well as the performance of Ukrainian culture and music
  • Alignment with the BBC’s strategic priorities as a public service, on how to value all audiences and support the creative economy in the UK

UK finished second in 2022 at Pala Olympics thanks to “Space Man” Sam Ryder, It has not happened since 1980 that the winning country of the Eurovision Song Contest could not organize the next edition.


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